Pop sensation Tyler Ward-Releases "Yellow Boxes"

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With over 2 million followers on YouTube, social media pioneer Tyler Ward is set to release a brand-new EP and embark on a worldwide tour both titled - Yellow Boxes.  

The celebrated singer/songwriter unveiled the self-titled track as his first single yesterday, with the release of the official lyric video on his YouTube channel. Watch the video here. "Yellow Boxes" is one of the six personal racks on the new album, which will be available exclusively on digital platforms beginning October 1, 2015 and at all his concert stops. The multi-faceted artist immersed himself into the entire process of this album, not only revealing more intimate lyrics, but also self-producing the EP, with the help of Mike Binder on select tracks. Additionally, Ward mixed and mastered the project in his own recording studios in Los Angeles and Denver.  

"This is a snapshot of my life this past year," explains Ward. "For the first time I felt secure enough to write what I was really feeling and experiencing. Not with the the thought of, 'that's what they'll want to hear.'  I'll admit, I've done that in the past, worried about what people want to hear and how they will perceive me. So...Yellow Boxes was created. It's a project that I wrote, produced, and recorded by myself, with no extra input. It had to be wholly from me, or it wasn't going to capture the details of my world. The truth is, l love pop music, I love country music and I love honesty. The Yellow Boxes EP is a collection of pop songs with some country flare that represent me more than any other previous release.  The trials of self discovery, addiction, failure, success, heartbreak, and the realization that life kinda sucks when you push people away. It has been an amazing experience and one I can't wait to share." See full tracklisting below. 

Track Listing Yellow Boxes: 

Yellow Boxes 

What It's Like to be Lonely 

In a Moment 

Use Me 

Life is Calling 

I'm Not Perfect.  You're Not Perfect. Let's Hang Out! 

Ward will offer a deeper look into the world he has been creating throughout his career on his fifth headlining tour Yellow Boxes, which kicks off in Phoenix, AZ on September 17 and carries through the end of the year hitting major cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and then extending to Germany. 

"The point of the Yellow Boxes Tour is to inspire and encourage people to stop hiding and start living. I'm excited to go back to my vulnerable acoustic roots so I can intimately tell stories that will get people to rethink the 'why' they do what they do. Yellow Boxes is all about packing up the things we don't need and unpacking the necessities in our lives, " commented Ward.  

As his first-ever solo acoustic tour Yellow Boxes promises to showcase Ward's showmanship, genuine personality, and passion for others as he continues to blaze the trail for those around him. 

Ward peaked at number five on Billboard's Top 100 Uncharted List and was also ranked on Billboard's Social 50 Chart for several weeks.  Ward was one of the first to make a full time living as a "Social Media Artist'. He is also one of the pioneers of selling and streaming cover songs, legally, on iTunes and Spotify, helping to establish the ability for other artists to collect advertising revenue through streaming monetization. 

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