Interview: Bridgett Kern Brings "A Vision to Life" with "No One Greater"

Bridgett Kern

BRIDGETT KERN is an inspiring, multi-faceted Worship Leader, Songwriter and Pastor.  She is one of the most compelling and refreshing worship leaders on the horizon today.  Weekly, Bridgett leads people in worship at Radiant Life Church in Phoenix, AZ, which was founded by both Bridgett and her husband, Dr. Joseph Kern. 

The demanding but rewarding call to a life of ministry is fulfilling and requires a compassionate sacrifice of self and time. Bridgett and her husband Dr. Joseph Kern balance their family of four children, pastoring a congregation and serving their community by "building a stronger generation next. "As a minister and pastor, we are servants and I love serving others," she shares. "People have been my greatest gift and God has surrounded me with an incredible group of people so I don't have to do it all, in turn, I can give others wings and let them fly!"

"I also have a very unique perspective of worship now," says Bridgett. "As a worship leader, my heart and desire is to be relevant to the needs of the people, and give to them, through music, encouragement that will help them get through their week," she continues. "I never assume that the people that walk into Radiant Life Church already have a relationship with God or, for that matter, even know what we are doing when we are lifting our hands. I instruct them so that they really get it!"

Hallels:  Bridgett, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Besides being a singer and worship leader, you and your husband were also church planters.  Tell us bout Radiant Life Church, the church you and your husband founded.

Yes, In 2009 My Husband and I  planted Radiant Life Church , a thriving, multi-cultural, multi-racial church that's full of love for God and people. We believe that when passion for God meets relevant environment, great things happen! Our passion  and hearts desire as pastors is to create a captivating worship experience , provide practical, inspired teaching from the Bible as well as give people the opportunity to connect with people of all ages, races and backgrounds. We truly believe that no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, Radiant Life Church is a place where you can come and be encouraged.

Hallels:  What's your role in church now?

I am currently  serve as Co-Pastor and I lead the Worship Arts Ministry at Radiant life church.

Hallels:  Let's talk about your new album "No One Greater."  How did you get to partner with DREAM Gospel Records for this release?

Well,  I have been working with the  Benita Bellamy  of  the Bellamy Group  for marketing and promoting my first single, "He Shall reign " and  she proposed the idea. Partnering with such a label, seemed like an ideal fit -given my personal vision for the music and their business vision and passion.  I believe truly a match made in heaven and  a "dream " come true....

 Hallels:  Being a fan of BJ Putnam, it's such a joy to know that he produced the album.  What do you most appreciate about Putnam as a producer as well as a songwriter?

Wow so many great things . I have done bgvs  on several of his projects and  I love working with him on professional level. What I appreciate most about him is his ability  to bring a vision to life. he imagined a "sound" for this project and truly brought  it to life thru the lyrics he wrote; as well as the band chosen for the live recording.. he believed in the project from inception - in fact it was his Idea!

Hallels:  This album was recorded live too.  Where was it recorded?  And what was the recording night like?

 Yes ! it was recorded live at Church For The Nations in Phoenix AZ , where  Bj Putnam serves as Worship Pastor.

Hallels:  What are you most excited about this record?  

I Love the sound...  the entire record,  I love the songs!  Many of them written just for me! I have always wanted to do  a project tailored just for me. This new Album no One Greater is just that, a collection of beautiful worship and praise songs- and I am honored and blessed   to take them  to the nations. From the first cut , The uptempo "He Shall Reign" to the incredible proclamation of the song "Jesus Our King" every song has the ability to lead you into a special place of Worship.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase this new album or find out more about you, where can they go?  

The Cd  will be  available on all  outlets:  iTunes , Amazon and GooglePlay;  You can also  Logon  to, Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope!!


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