ResLife Worship on their New Album "Higher:" "Our Prayer is that God's Kingdom is Expanded"

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Partnering with Dream Records, ResLife Worship has just released their new album "Higher." ResLife Worship is the worship team of Resurrection Life Church. Located in Grandville, Michigan, Resurrection Life Church has always had a strong music ministry. Over the years, songs such as, "Friend Of God," "Say So," "Does Anybody Here," and "La Buena Vida," have been birthed out of the spirit of worship from this church and have become worship anthems around the world. Worship Leader Magazine named Resurrection Life Church as one of the top 20 worship destinations in the country. Led by Ken Reynolds and Jonathan Cordero, ResLife WORSHIP continues to move forward with the call and mission of building God's Kingdom. 

Hallels:  Who is ResLife Worship?

ResLife WORSHIP consists of the entire music team at Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, MI.  It is led by Ken Reynolds and Jonathan Cordero and generally represents the musical expression and culture for the Main Sanctuary services.  We also have a strong Generation's Worship Team which represents our Jr. High & High School ministry. 

Hallels:  How and when did the team come together?

Having a strong music ministry has always been a core value of our church.  But over the past 3 years or so, we've been reshaping and rebranding who we are.  We've been talking to each other and asking the hard questions.  We have to recognize that our culture is always in a state of change.  So, we felt it necessary to establish a brand that could evolve with the culture while maintaining our core values and keeping God and our message in the forefront.  The message stays the same.

Hallels:  Of the many church worship bands out there, what sets ResLife Worship apart?

We would first say our style is quite diverse.  There are so many musical trends.  Those come and go with time.  We'd rather not be pigeonholed to one specific genre.  This particular record really expresses who we are.  We were nervous at first at the diversity of the songs, because as producers, you always want a nice flow to a record.  But so far, there's been a great response.  There really is something for everybody on this project.  It's just how our team writes. 

Hallels:  When and how did you start writing your own songs?

We have several different writers on our team, so each one of us has our own story.  But what was refreshing is all of the co-writes on this record.  We really set out to work together to make this project feel like a unified effort.  Some of us have been writing for a while, while others are less experienced.  We try to tune in to what connects with the congregation and get some inspiration from that.  Our ultimate inspiration comes from God.  Some of these songs were in process; then we'd call each other and say, 'Hey, I've got an idea; I'd like to bounce it off of you and finish it together.'  Sometimes, that doesn't always work.  But we worked well together which made it fun and takes the pressure off.

Hallels:  How did you come to work with Dream Records for your new album "Higher"?

Well, actually they contacted us.  And as we got to know each other, we knew it was God ordained.  Our project was already recorded, so they came alongside and partnered with us as we finished it.  Their vision lined up with our vision so it seemed to be a great fit.  They're great people who have hearts for the Kingdom of God.   

Hallels:  What are some blessings as well as challenges in making "Higher"?

"Higher" was a long time coming!  Lol.  The biggest challenge was the timing of the recording.  The 'live' night was in November.  Everyone in ministry knows that at that time of year, your focus shifts to Christmas.  So, we had to take a break from post-production and focus on the Holiday services.  That put us in to the new year.  Our church also has a leadership conference at the beginning of the year, then there's Easter.  So, it took us a while to re-engage and finish the record.  But, it was actually a good thing, because we were able to approach the record with a fresh set of ears.  Also, being in full time ministry provides an extra challenge in managing time.

The blessing for us would be some of the testimonies that we're already hearing from people around the world that are being encouraged and challenged by these songs.  Our prayer is that God's Kingdom is expanded and every listener gets a little stronger in their faith.

Hallels:  On a typical Sunday in church, what does your worship set look like?

A typical set could be 1. This Is Living (Young and Free) 2. Captivated (ResLife Worship) 3. Make A Way (New Life Worship) 4. No Longer Slaves (Bethel) 5. Higher (ResLife Worship) 6. Every Praise (Hezekiah Walker) 

Hallels:  Do you just sing your own songs?

Definitely not. There are some great writers out there.  Matt Redman, Bethel, Hillsong, New Life Worship, Elevation, Israel Houghton, etc.

Hallels:  Do you incorporate hymns in your set?

For sure. We love the rich doctrine that is typically found in hymns. We usually do the more modern versions of them with newly written choruses by the pre-mentioned artists.  We also like to take our own stab at rearranging hymns and adding in modern sounds and possibly new choruses, etc.  But sometimes, we'll take just the chorus of a traditional hymn and use it as a bridge between 2 newer songs.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase "Higher" and/or find out more about you, where can they go?

All digital formats including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.  Physical CD's can also be ordered from Dream and ResLife Church. 

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