The Two Secrets to How Mary Mary's Tina Campbell Overcame Her Trials

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One half of the Gospel dynamic duo Mary Mary is a busy woman.  She is currently promoting her new solo album "It's Personal" as well as her brand new autobiography "I Need a Day to Pray."  In an interview with Christianity Today, Campbell reveals that two secret weapons were utilized in order to combat her trials:  prayer and the Bible.

Campbell reveals that some of the problems she has had been facing over the last few years include her father getting sick with cancer and eventually passing away. She also had to deal with her issues with her husband's infidelity, problems with their reality TV series "Mary Mary" and her sister Erica, and the problems that come with taking care of five kids. Campbell also recently revealed to the world that her husband cheated on her numerous times through the past few years. Instead of filing for a divorce, however, she decided to try and work things out.   

According to a report from EnStarz, the 41-year old singer recently sat down with her sister Erica and confessed that the two didn't always see things "eye-to-eye" and that this might spell the end of their show. Erica wants to focus primarily on her new solo career and this means time away from working as a duo. 

She turned to counseling in order to prevent herself from breaking apart and to slowly rebuild her life from the bottom up. However, as she revealed in the recent interview, it was prayer and the Bible that kept her head afloat. 

"It was the prayers that change my life; it was believing the prayers and practicing what it said that changed my life. I did counseling... but that doesn't necessarily take away the pain," Tina explained. "13 months of counseling, my counseling wasn't helping as much as reading that Bible was. Every time I would read the Bible it just felt like I was praying, it felt like I was protected from all of this craziness of life." 



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