Mary Mary's Tina Campbell Apologizes After Shooting Husband's Car

Tina Campbell

Gospel music duo Mary Mary's Tina Campbell has been quite vocal about that her husband's cheating ways.  But it did get on a bad turn when she took a gun and began shooting her husband's car, destroying the vehicle.  Now, the Gospel artist is sorry about her outbursts of anger.

Tina's husband Teddy reveals what happened to the car. "The car is a clear indication of a really bad day... My wife in her pain, she wanted to hurt me," he said in the clip while the camera's showed his car completely destroyed. The windshield shattered by bullet holes.

In a recent interview, Erica and Tina Campbell sat down with Neicy T for WLIB where Tina did admit her rage.  Now she is apolegetic and she's seeking healing from God.  "I did mad, I did angry, I did frustrated, I did bitter, I did crazy, I did violent I did all of that, and I remained miserable... But when I turned to God and I made a conscience effort and a disciplined decision to pursue forgiving and letting go, that's where I found my hope, and my joy, and my peace."

"I gave it to God and he healed my heart," she explained, "When we started pursuing God, God started pursuing us."

Watch the extend of the damage to the car:

Watch clips of Tina and Erica's full interview with WLIB below:









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