John Hagee's "Four Blood Moons" Coming to the Big Screen on March 23 (Watch Trailer Here)

Four Blood Moons

Brand new movie 'Four Blood Moons,' produced by Rick Eldridge and directed by Academy Award Winner, Kieth Merrill, will hit the big screen for one day on March 23. Told as a narrative through a celebrity host, 'Four Blood Moons' explores a rare lunar phenomenon that over the centuries has accompanied both tragedy and triumph for the Jewish people.

The movie is based on the book written by John Hagee. The book was a New York Times best-selling book of the same name (750,000 copies in print from Worthy Publishing). 

"The heavens are 'God's billboard.' He's been sending signals to earth, and we haven't been picking them up," Hagee says. "Two blood moons, in 2014 and 2015, point to dramatic events in the Middle East and, as a result, changes in the whole world."

FOUR BLOOD MOONS combines scripture, science, history and big-screen live action spanning centuries, including previous similar lunar occurrences and the earth-shaking changes around them. It also examines our current four blood moon cycle-and its possible meaning for Israel, the Middle East and the world.

An array of historians, religious scholars and commentators appear in FOUR BLOOD MOONS and offer their insight-filmmaker, speaker and author Dinesh D'Souza; radio host and author Dennis Prager; and noted author and historian David Barton to name just a few.

Only three times in the past 500 years have four of these blood moons (or tetrads) occurred back to back and on major Jewish holy days. The fourth tetrad began April 15, 2014, on Passover. In October last year, the second blood moon appeared on the Feast of Tabernacles (also known as Sukkot). Blood moons in 2015 land on the same holy days.

What happened in the past around such occurrences?

  • 1493 - Spain's rulers had expelled all Jews and Columbus had discovered America, an eventual haven for the Jewish people.
  • 1948-49 - The founding of Israel.
  • 1967-68 - Following the Six-Day War, Jerusalem rejoins the state of Israel.
  • Hagee points out that during this four blood moon cycle, all of which touch on Jewish holy days, a solar eclipse also will occur-a combination of events that will never repeat.

    Whatever the results, audiences at FOUR BLOOD MOONS will see a compelling and entertaining exploration of these spiritual, celestial and historical events. And they will leave the theater convinced that something is about to change that could impact us all.






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