4 Proches Prepare for Valentine's Day with New Video "Coffee Shop"


4 Proches, a folk/bluegrass sibling band, have scheduled a Valentine's Day release at 12:00 AM for their music video "Coffee Shop" a song they wrote and recorded for their new EP "Take 2". This EP is the first release for 4 Proches since their debut record Wayfaring Stranger was released in 2013. Formed of Beecher (21), Ezra (18), Liza (16) and Asa (12) Proch, 4 Proches performs "to bring a smile to people's faces and to share hope and encouragement. And to demonstrate that families can work together and have fun!" 

"Coffee Shop" tells the story of a coffee shop patron who falls in love with the barista whipping up his espresso. It follows their story from first glance to forever in love.

Filmed entirely on location in Fredericksburg (Ranch Road Roasters Coffee was used for the interior shots and the renowned Fischer & Wieser's Das Peach Haus was used for exterior shots) Beecher Proch of the 4 Proches said that "we've grown up here and wanted to include the sights and sounds of our picturesque community in this production." Added brother Ezra, "we hope that as people listen to the song and watch the video, it will not only bring a smile to their faces but they'll think about just how fun love can be."

For more information about Coffee Shop, 4 Proches, or booking, contact Janet Proch at (830)456-6730, email her at, or visit


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