'Dallas Cowboys' Falls at 6-2-0

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'Dallas Cowboys' Falls At 6-2-0

Dallas Cowboys and Washington RedSkins unleashed their fury a few days ago in the highly anticipated NFL football game at the AT&T stadium in Dallas. The RedSkins has moved up to a 3-5-0 record while Cowboys has achieved 6-2-0.

Colt McCoy of the RedSkins has a good trend of winning in the state of Texas. His tradition of winning streak pushed through the defense of the Dallas Cowboys in their previous match. McCoy spoke his thoughts in a statement in USA Today about their win. "Last-second wins, right?" he said. "But I grw up as the game went on. I felt more and more comfortable and I started seeing the defense right. We made some plays down the stretch that good teams have to make to win games," he added.

Dallas Cowboys goes to 20-17 in overtime to the Washington RedSkins, according to NJ. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones reveals in ESPN that Tony Romo has a chance for a come back to the game. However, Jones did not call for a quarterback performance after Romo suffered a bruised back.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett spoke his thoughts in a statement in ESPN. "I think the ideal situation is to get it communicated as quickly as possible and he felt like he could do it," he said. "It wasn't a big deal to me at all," he added. The head coach also said that the X-rays were negative and Romo could be capable of playing in the game as long as he is functional.

The Cowboys quarterback Romo went through a series of tests last Tuesday morning for further assessment of his back. The team is also waiting for the results of the CT scan. Room spoke his thoughts on his play last Sunday in ESPN. "It's just hard when you lose," he said. "Obviously, it's the worst thing you feel like you go through. We're disappointed about this game but we're going to have to figure it out within 24 hours and move past it and move on to the next game. Obviously with the injury aspect of it, you feel like you may have dodged one from that regard. That's why you do all the things you do to hopefully withstand stuff like that," he added.



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