‘South Park Season 18’ Talks Transgender, Reveals Lorde’s Identity; ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ Singer Reacts, Retweets Kanye West

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'South Park Season 18' Talks Transgender, Reveals Lorde's Identity; 'Yellow Flicker Beat' Singer Reacts, Retweets Kanye West

On its third episode titled "The Cissy," the Comedy Central animated sitcom 'South Park Season 18" tackled the issue of transgendered children and it was done in a way it was not expected.

While it is known for offending viewers of all political inclinations, "South Park" has been generally supportive of the LGBT community with the characters Stan Marsh's gay dog Sparky, the melodramatic but clever Big Gay Al, and the formerly closeted grade school teacher Mr. Garrison.

Still, the show's treatment of the trans community has not been as well-received until its episode that aired on Oct. 8, Wednesday, according to Out.

On Episode 3 of "South Park Season 18," creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker approached the issue of transgender individuals and bathroom rights.

It has been almost a decade since Mr. Garrison became Mrs. Garrison, notoriously selfish sociopath, Eric Cartman, put on a pink bow and pretended to be transgendered, which he ignorantly called himself "transginger."

Since the boy's bathroom at school is always full, Eric had to appropriate a transgender identity just to be able to use the girl's bathroom. 

Written and directed by Parker, "South Park Season 18" episode 3 presented the few transphobic characters in a negative light and made mention of "Royals" hit maker Lorde.

At a kids' party, reporter Brandon Carlile asked about Lorde's performance. A man claimed he works with the New Zealand singer at the United States Geological Survey and she lives a double life as a musician and a fluvial geomorphologist.

While "South Park" is known for poking fun at celebrities and Lorde is not a fan of the series, the singer took to Twitter to react on having been officially been the subject of two "South Park" episodes, which she found "weird and cool," Inquisitr has learned.  

She singer tweeted, "i don't actually watch south park but from what i can tell sia was involved and someone's mum said something really nice about me.. score!"

Recently, the voice behind the lead single from the soundtrack for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1" titled "Yellow Flicker Beat" also retweeted a quote from Kim Kardashian's husband Kanye West, which read, "not smiling makes me smile."



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