Ted 2: Morgan Freeman And Action Star Liam Neeson Will Be Joining This Film’s Cast

ted 2

Ted 2: Morgan Freeman And Action Star Liam Neeson Will Be Joining This Film's Cast 

Ted 2 is a comedy sequel of the movie "Ted." The 2nd instalment swears to be just as glitzy as its forerunner, as it was only just publicized that actor Morgan Freeman and action star Liam Neeson will be joining this film's cast. Ted 2 director Seth MacFarlane confirmed this news and happy to announce that the new additions to the movie's cast through his Twitter account. His announcement tells, "Yesterday Liam Neeson, today Morgan Freeman. Not a bad week for #Ted2." MacFarlane is always firm of letting Freeman a running gag in his animated shows. It is nice to watch him get a movie role that might be packed with fun.

 For now, there is still no word about the two famous actors' roles to play because the facts of the plot are still kept as a big secret. However, rumors have it. Some say that Freeman will probably get a role of a civil rights barrister. He will come into the picture to help the supposed character Ted in making up his mind with regards to some legal issues.

However, Neeson's role is still anonymous, but it is expected that his participation in the movie might be connected to his role in his popular movie 'Taken', since MacFarlane has the ability for modern cultural references.

Ted 2 filming is at present happening in Boston and will be the comeback of everyone's endearing earthy teddy bear. This movie with the present addition, it appears that this franchise is making it a leisure pursuit to include high profile Hollywood stars in its movies. The first Ted movie made cameo roles for Norah Jones, Tom Skerritt and Ryan Reynolds. In the meantime, movie goers are hoping that the new sequel would not be affected by the fate of the earlier partnership of MacFarlane and Neeson.

The cast of this upcoming comedy has been spotted all around Boston and fans are taking some photos on the set. In 2012, Ted was released and was loved by both the critics and the fans.  It earned $218 million locally and $549 million globally. Many have guessed that the new sequel will also be a big hit and many have linked this to MacFarlane's fan base from his successful animated shows.

The film is expected to hit the cinemas on June 26, 2015.



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