Windows 10 Latest News, Features, Specs, Release Date: All that you wanted to know

Windows 10 Release Date

Windows 10 Latest News, Features, Specs, Release Date: All that you wanted to know

Microsoft has huge surprise pack for users, as Windows 10 will release in 2015. The news was announced to press on Tuesday but the company has not confirmed the release date. Many expectations are revolving around the mind of the fans for Windows 10.

Microsoft is bringing the start menu back after long complaining list of removing the start menu from Windows 8. The taskbar is also returning to its place. The start menu will allow user to customize the selection of apps and users can add favorite live tiles on the menu as well. Multitasking will be lot easier and comfortable. Windows 10 will allow quadrant layout interface, which will let user to run four apps at once. Four apps will appear as a quadrant and user will be able to work on all of them at a time without minimizing any of them. Windows Store will be available to update or download apps. The feature named Continuum will let user to switch between laptop to tablet mode with high speed.

Windows 10 will be versatile and will be available on tablets, PCs, notebooks, smartphones, and all sorts of devices. The framework will be identical on every devices and live notification will be more active.

Many thought that the name of the next version windows will be Windows 9 but Microsoft has dodged them and came up with Windows 10. The codename of Windows 10 was Threshold. The user interface will be pretty similar to the previous version Windows 8 but for multitasking and notification panel the interface might seem different. A project is ongoing named Threshold wave, which will be specially released for tablets and smartphones. Like the previous version, this version would still work very fast on tablets and smartphones. The boot time for the PCs or notebooks will manage to surprise the users. If everything goes according to plan fans might get the new version of Windows in Spring next year.

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