'Sherlock' season 4: Latest Season Is Going To Be Huge And Definitely Something

'Sherlock' season 4

'Sherlock' season 4​: Latest Season Is Going To Be Huge And Definitely Something

If you have been following the hit TV series Sherlock, you will be thrilled to know that we have the juicy bits here about its upcoming Season 4. If you think that season 3 of this show was a cliffhanger, then don't worry because it's not going to be too long until you all know what happens after that. So the answer is yes that it is going to be back your TV screens. Mark your calendars because it's going to be aired back on December of this year according to our sources.

Co-creator Steven Moffatt however declared that the latest season is going to be huge and definitely something that will knock the socks out of its viewers. Based on Hollywood Reporter, he said that he and Mark Gatiss couldn't be more excited about what they have came up with this time and he is quite sure that the fans are not going to be disappointed at all. And if they love the first 3 seasons, this season will make them even more hooked on the series.

There are rumors however that this latest season is just going to be for 3 episodes but it would still really depend on BBC when it comes to that topic. They are expecting to release the full season early on 2016 but also have a Christmas special on the December of 2015. The show snagged some awards just recently on the Emmy Awards so it's definitely a promising one and looks like it's not just a show that could get cancelled anytime soon anyway. The delay on the filming was cause of the conflicting schedules of some of their actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Other than that, you can all expect it to be back on the tube.


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