Family Guy Season 13 Premiere Date, Spoilers: Griffin AND Simpson fusion!

The Simpsons Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 13

"Family Guy" Season 13 Premiere Date, Spoilers: Griffin AND Simpson fusion!

CHAOS is the end game when you put together two outrageous families in one episode. And FOX channel had exactly that in mind for the premiere episode of Family Guy season 13.

Given the episode title 'The Simpsons Guy', we could only guess how the Griffins of Rhode Island gets acquainted with the Simpsons of Springfield. It is actually an extra ordinary back-to-back episode, celebrating the season premieres of both cartoon series.

The Simpsons family and the Griffins family will definitely hit it off... for a while at least. Homer enjoys the company of Peter over a jug of beer. Bart and Stewie shared their talent in skateboarding and prank calling, Meg learns saxophone from Lisa, while Maggie and Chris spend time together.

Spat between Homer and Peter becomes inevitable after disagreeing over which beer is better - Peter's Pawtucket Ale or Homer's Duff Beer ! Let the Chaos begin!

The premiere episode was a team effort between the 'Family Guy' producers and 'The Simpsons' writers. At the Television Critic Association press tour, 'Family Guy' Executive producer Rich Appel said, that they delivered the script to the authorities and they were later shocked to see that they had been granted absolutely free rein from Jim Brooks, Al Jean and Matt Groening. Apart from a few tweaks, the script was almost kept as it is.

Meanwhile, fans looked forward to the big crossover between the two hit series. According to the Seth MacFarlane, the creator of 'Family Guy', "It's really about the character interaction. People want to see Peter interact with Homer. They want to see Bart interact with Stewie. In a way, the story in a crossover episode, while it has to be there, is never quite as important as how the characters interact with each other."

According to MacFarlene he is a big fan of "The Simpsons," created by Matt Groening. Other reasons to look forward to in the 13th season of 'Family Guy' are the high-profile guest stars. Appearing on the show are Jeff Garlin, Liam Neeson, Joe Buck, Allison Janney, Julie Bowen and Lea Thompson.

Family Guy TV show-Season 13 will premiere on Sept. 28, 2014.

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