Facebook Working on New App for Private Sharing: 'Moments' Would Help to Share the Right Data With The Right People

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Facebook Working on New App for Private Sharing: 'Moments' would help to share the right data with the right people

Facebook is rapidly increasing its features regarding user-sharing abilities. The standalone app, which will be soon revealed, would allow users to share certain portion of content with users from different groups.

The name of the app will be "Moments." The demo version has already been demonstrated by the employees and they are running few tests to make sure to provide a bug free edition of the app. This app will let the user to choose whom to publish his/her status by a single tapping from a box, which looks much like grid interface.

This year Facebook released an app named Slingshot that didn't get much popularity. An app, which was calendar-based Outlook was also developed but for some reason Facebook never launched it. So the developers are hoping that "Moments" might see some success.

From other news sources it has been revealed that "Moments" has facilities where user gets so much control over their contents or status. User can define his/her groups with specific people like family, friends, colleagues and much more. Within these custom-made groups, user will be able to share status or comments, which might be kept locked for other groups. It has some similarity with the app Circles of Google+ where users have the choice to create their own friend or family circle to share their status with.

With "Moments," Facebook believes that this entire app will tie up the problems of getting embarrassed with family members or others since he will assign the groups of the user. So the risk of getting caught with embarrassing posts gets reduced. The provision for filtering out users chosen group member will give the user more control over Facebook and the issue of getting leaked of unwanted post will no longer be a problem in Facebook. Back in 2010 Facebook founder Mark Zauckerberg mentioned that Facebook is looking forward to give importance to the privacy system of the user. After that announcement the friend list filtering system named distant acquaintances was introduced to Facebook. Moments is just another step towards the future generation feature of Facebook.

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