The Song Release Date: There Are More Drama In His Life Than Just His Struggle In Music.

The Song

The Song Release Date: There Are More Drama In His Life Than Just His Struggle In Music

If you love music, romance and drama; The Song, which is an upcoming movie this September 26, will surely satisfy your need for a chic flick. This is a story of a dreamer who wants to be a professional singer-songwriter by the name of Jed King (played by Alan Powell). He has always aspired to make it in the music industry. You will see the struggling pains of a musician trying to break into a career he has dreamed of for the longest time. There are more drama in his life than just his struggle in music.

Part of the plot is that he is also trying to get away from his father's shadow in the industry. It turns out that his dad was this famous musician and he is trying to make it on his own without using the advantage of having a famous dad. On the other hand, he is also married to Rose Jordan King (played by Ali Faulkner). He wrote her a song called The Song that luckily became a huge hit. He met his wife during a local gig.

But something happened when he got his break in the music scene. When his work started to get recognition, it is also the same time that his marriage starts to fall apart. There are so many life lessons in this movie that you will get to learn. Get to know if their marriage will be able to survive with all the challenged brought by fame, other women and other things that are trying to get in the way of what they used to have.

Catch the official release of The Song in theaters near you on September 26. Starring Alan Powell and Ali Faulkner, this movie is going to move and inspire you in every single way. Music has always played a huge role in the lives of us and surely this movie is about to touch your hearts with such beautiful songs that you will hear from it. Check out the film's official soundtrack as well because that is something that you could also look forward to about it.



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