Baymax and Hiro's 'Big Hero 6' - Disney's 54th Feature Cartoon Film

Big Hero 6
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Baymax and Hiro's 'Big Hero 6' - Disney's 54th Feature Cartoon Film

Disney's "Big Hero 6" release date is set on Nov. 7 this year. This is the 54th feature cartoon film produced by the Disney Studios. "Big Hero 6" will also be the first animated marvel characters that Disney will produce.

Big Hero 6 Storyline

The story is set in the future and takes place in a city called San Fransokyo. Hiro Hamada a robotics genius and Baymax, his inflatable robot, tries to solve a crime. Hiro fits Baymax with an armor in order to make him an armored crime fighting machine. They formed a group of crime fighters to solve the mystery and aside from Hiro and Baymax, the other members of the group are GoGo Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred.

"Big Hero 6" Casts

Hiro Hamada - a 14 year old genius at making robots voiced by Ryan Potter

Baymax - an inflatable robot voiced by Scott Adsit

GoGo Tamago - a silent but tough adrenaline junkie voiced by Jaime Chung

Wasabi - a brainy and very muscular albeit neat freak voiced by Damon Wayans Jr.

Honey Lemon - an eccentric but a genius in chemistry voiced by Genesis Rodriguez

Fred - a comic book fan voiced by T.J. Miller

Aunt Cass - both aunt and guardian of the brothers Hiro and Tadashi Hamada voiced by Maya Rudolph

Professor Robert Callaghan - Robotics professor as well as Tadashi's mentor voiced by James Cromwell

Alistair Krei - tech entrepreneur who also owns Krei Tech voiced by Alan Tudyk

Tadashi Hamada - Baymax's creator and elder brother of Hiro voiced by Daniel Henney

Competition From Other Animation Companies

Based on a Screen Rush post, the Disney studio has been making animated movies for past 77 years. But Disney has to compete with other major animation studios for a share of the audience. The animators at Disney believe that the legacy of Walt Disney and their creative process will make "Big Hero 6" a hit.

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