Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 to Be out in a Few Weeks, Specs and Photos Leaked

samsung galaxy note 4

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 to Be out in a Few Weeks, Specs and Photos Leaked

The much - awaited addition to Samsung's phablet family, the Galaxy Note 4, is already expected to come in just a few weeks or less. Experts and tech enthusiasts have fairly looked at the Galaxy Note 4 specs; how it is going to look like, what to expect as well as some of the key phablet features both for work and entertainment that should make this newer version stand out from the rest. 

According to some of the Galaxy Note 4 photos published by GSMArena (via the Android Central) that features the front as well as the back portion of Samsung's Galaxy Note 4, the smartphone - and - tablet - in - one is sporting the same textured faux - leather back, the same as that one of the Galaxy Note 3. From the angle of the photos, it also seems like the new Galaxy Note 4 will have a relatively larger screen space with the noticeable slim reduction of the phone's side bezels.

One of its noticeable design changes are also the metallic edges that others claim to somewhat look like the ones of those of the unannounced Galaxy Alpha smartphone, which is also expected to come out soon.

As for the Galaxy Note 4 specs, users can expect a high - resolution 2560 x 1440 display like the ones for LG's G3 and, of course, a faster processor than that of the current model.

Samsung has officially confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 release date to be on September 3 in a launch event in Berlin. 

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