A Must-See: Dad Builds realistic NASA Spaceship for his kids from scratch


And the Cool Dad of the Year goes to, Jeff Highsmith! If you thought that your cardboard box race car and spaceship was the coolest thing on the block, wait until you see what this dad gave to his kids - and it's all made from scratch!

Jeff Highsmith made his son's a spaceship but it's not just made out of cardboard and stickers - it's fully functional. It features realistic stuff you can actually find in a spaceship like a functional intercom, interactive switches, realistic sound effect, flashing LED lights and a robotic hand. The kicker, it also has a special mechanism where when you board it, it can actually make you feel like you're having an actual lift-off to outer space! Thinking of bringing your iPhone to space? No problem! It also has an iPhone mount where he plays actual NASA footage to make the experience more wholesome. Kids and kids of heart who are dreaming to have their own ship like in Star Trek or Star Wars, better eat your hearts out.

Highsmith shares that the project all started when he created a mission control desk and from one small part became a big, fun idea. Within four months and a lot of spare time in between work and other fatherly duties, he was able to build spaceship in his son's room. NASA will be jealous for sure. What more is that he's not stopping there - Highsmith has made the ship adjustable and expandable for future addition in the future.

The father of two shares that he did not only do this project in his free time to give him sons a whole new way to play and enjoy but also hopes that through this project, it could help inspire his sons to be also interested in the career of programming and building when the grow up. From the way he's doing it, they will most likely will.



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