Gladys Knight Returns to Her Gospel Roots with "Where My Heart Belongs"

Gladys Knight

Seven-time Grammy winner and veteran soul artist Gladys Knight returns to her roots as she prepares to release her Gospel album "Where My Heart Belongs."  Releasing on September 9, the new set to be released on Shadow Mountain Records.  The album will find the "Midnight Train to Georgia" singer singing the Lord's praises. 

Georgia-born Knight is no stranger to Gospel music.  Ever since she was a little girl, her mother has brought her to church and she had communicated to daughter about Jesus Christ.  Growing up in church, Knight had sung in choir choirs as well as solo spots in church and church events.  Now Knight is eager to return to return to her roots.  And as she sings about her love for Jesus Christ, she hopes this record will be an encouragement to her millions of fans out there.

Speaking of her faith, Knight says, "I vividly remember the time in my life when I felt lost, as if something was missing. I was desperately seeking answers and when I finally found the answer, I learned that it was Jesus Christ. He gave me this gift and out of obedience, I want to give Him back to the listeners." 

The new CD "Where My Heart Belongs" will contain 11 new songs.  Tracks such as "Life Song" will border on the inspiration side with a tilt towards contemporary, while "Soon" is classic soul, while "Always" is a worship song for Sunday mornings.  Not forgetting her roots, she has included two hymns "Were You There" and the Cross-centered "There is a Green Hill Far Away."

Besides having released Gospel albums before in her illustrious career, one of Knight's greatest honor was winning a Grammy Award for the Best Gospel Performance with the late legendary Ray Charles for their duet "Heaven Help Us All."






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