Nether Realm Studios are currently working on the 10th main title of the Mortal Kombat series developing the game for Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One, adding the possibility for PS3


There's more to come for this fighting game this 2015. The game is expected to have new and coming back characters making Mortal Kombat players anticipate for the release.

Ed Boon, the series creator, tweeted daily riddles hinting about the game's title being Mortal Kombat X. Does X mean 10? Who knows, maybe there are more surprises than we have expected like the character Raiden, who was confirmed to come back as the game's main antagonist with a surprise. So far, there were a variety of Raiden being a Storm Lord, a Thunder God, and the Displacer Raiden who has the ability to teleport and that players found this a very useful skill to use in a fight. Now how would the new Raiden be?

Aside from a coming back character, let's not miss the new ones who were announce such as D'Vorah - an insect controller, Cassie Cage - Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade's daughter, Torr & Ferr - a pair of giant masked brute and an armored dwarf and last but not the least, Kotal Kahn - the Aztec-inspired character. Characters like Sub-Zero and Scorpion were also announced before the other four.

As for 2014, Nether Realm Studios are concentrating to work more for the other versions of the game featuring 1080p screen resolution and brutal fatality moves like never before.

Mortal Kombat X will excite more players than ever! 





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