“The Middle” will be bringing in more laughter to its fans as it gets renewed for its Sixth Season


Jot down September 24 on your TV calendar as it marks the premiere date of the sixth season of one of the funniest, weirdest and hippest show on-air, The Middle. With the show getting high-rating and one being for the whole family, capturing wide range of audiences, its renewal did not come as a surprise at all.

Just a backgrounder, "The Middle" is a story of a Midwestern family residing in a fictional town as a working class member of the society. The wife, Frankie is the narrator of the show and has performed various jobs in her role. She has taken the job of a dental assistant and even a car-dealer. Her stoic husband, Mike serves as the family's stabilizing influence, ensuring harmony whenever he can. They have three children, wherein their middle child Sue, is a socially-awkward and enthusiastic young teen. She is almost always out to try out new things. As to what she will be up to on the next season, we just have to wait to find out.

It is not only regular viewers who give its applause for the show but also well-known TV critics looking out for great shows such as this one. The show has even received various awards including the Gracie Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. Even the actors and actresses of the show have been awarded while being part of the series.

Next season, we are sure to have more laughter and stories to share with our family and friends. Until then, we will keep our eyes filled for major spoilers to come our way and relay it to you.



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