Joel Osteen’s ‘Night of hope’ in Miami to offer a 360-degree experience

Joel Osteen, a pastor of the Lakewood Church will hold a ‘Night of hope’ in Miami on April 20. The event to be held at the 37,000 Marlins Major League Baseball stadium will be streamed live to a wide audience offering an interactive social media experience.

“More than ever before, people are looking for hope in their lives,” said Pastor Osteen. “I like to tell them that ‘God’s dream for your life is bigger than your own.’ That is what the Night of Hope in Miami is all about: inspiring people to expect God’s best for them.”

The online interactive event will offer a 360-degree experience. A chief executive officer of Media Connect Partners Brian Boyd, who works with Joel Osteen Ministries for four consecutive years said, "It is, truly, a 360-degree interactive event connecting the online audience with the Osteens and the crowd in the stadium. You're there no matter where you are."

Trinity Broadcasting Network will partner once again with Joel Osteen Ministries to broadcast the highly anticipated event from Miami.

Osteen, “Victoria and I are excited to be in the beautiful city of Miami once again, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with TBN to broadcast this life-changing event to individuals and families everywhere. I believe people will be uplifted and filled with an expectation that their best days are still out in front of them.”

Prior to the ‘Night of hope,’ Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria will join a host Rich Wilkerson, at TBN’s award-winning ‘Praise the Lord’ program to talk about the ‘Night of hope.’ ‘Praise the Lord’ program will be telecasted live from Miami on April 19.

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