Bethany Devine Airs Her "Daily Confessions" on July 29

Bethany Devine

Bethany Devine also known as B. Devine airs her most anticipated third release "Daily Confessions" on July 29.  Released on Miralex Records, the album contains 14 new songs produced by  Asaph Alexander Ward (Kim Burrell, Donnie McClurkin, Clark Sisters, & Dorinda Clark Cole).  The album also features Canton Jones singing with Devine on "V.I.C.T.O.R.Y" and her own mother Ercille Devine sharing the microphone with her on "You Brought Me."

Born in Rock Arkansas, Devine was the youngest of 10 children.  She was born in a devout family where her dad was a pastor.  At an early age she was introduced to the magic and beauty of Gospel music where she would find herself mesmerised in the worship music of the Commissioned, Andre Crouch, The Clark Sisters and the Hawkins Family.  By age 11 she became part of the family group DIVINE.  Precisely because of their passionate singing and their powerful vocals, they caught the ears of a few prominent record executives.  Though no record materialized, the DIVINE held a critical place in the hearts of many industry executives.

However, in her first year at college, she was sexually assaulted.  Feeling lost, frustrated, and terrified Devine took a break from school and music.  And she went through a dark period of darkness wrestling with her pain.  With the support and help of her family and God, she managed to endured through the trial and prosecution of her attacker.  After she reentered school, she met her husband.  With the aid of her husband, she got through her pain and guilt. And she started to sing again.

In 2010 Devine became the finalist at Sunday's Best.  Just as she was basking in the acclaim of critics and fans, her own father and her husband's grandmother passed away.  But nothing could prepare her for a hot afternoon in June 2011 when her loving husband was suddenly taken away from her when he died of pulmonary embolism.  Such a blow almost knocked her down.  With much prayer and counselling from God's Word, Devine is finally back.

"Daily Confessions" chronicles many of her stories of pain, anguish, fears as well as her hope and joy she has found in Jesus. The album also includes Devine's own version of Amy Grant's career hit "El Shaddai" which is destined to move our hearts to worship afresh.

Here's the album's track listing:

01. Intro    

02. Get Up

03. Family    

04. Faith    

05. Miracle    

06. Release     

07. Hold Me    

08. Sleep Like A Baby    

09. Daily Confessions    

10. V.I.C.T.O.R.Y (Featuring Canton Jones)    

11. You Brought Me Interlude    

12. You Brought Me (Featuring Mother Ercille Devine)    

13. The Master    

14. El Shaddai






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