Nick Vujicic To Speak Message Of Hope Through 'Love Without Limits Utah’ March 7-9

Nick Vujicic, also known as “limbless evangelist,” will take his “Love Without Limits” campaign focused on anti-bullying and suicide prevention to Utah, March 7-9. Vujicic’s campaign presented by Standing Together will focus on junior high, middle school and high school students.

All three days are completely booked. Special musical guests are Josh Pierce (City Church), Tim Drisdom (New Pilgrim Baptist Church), and the SLC Mass Choir.

Motivational speaker Vujicic who was born without legs or arms was often a target of bullying. On his website, Vujicic shared, “I am a bully’s dream. Think about it. No arms. No legs. It’s pretty hard to disguise my shocking appearance. And it’s like I wear a target over my heart just awaiting the fiery darts from a mean-spirited bully.”

Vujicic, who welcomed his first son just last month, continues, “As a new father, I will serve as the champion defender for my son. I do not want him to be the target of a bully’s reckless comments, but I cannot isolate him in a protective bubble. He will, one day, feel the sting of someone’s deliberate arrows of cruelty. And to prepare him, I will spend plenty of time coaching my son on how to neutralize the comments from an angry peer. It’s not the government’s job alone. The anti-bullying campaign starts in the home with loving parents and should be cultivated by churches that educate families and propagate the love of Jesus.”

“Regrettably, not all families are equipped. And not all churches are yet ready. For this reason, I will speak this message of love whenever and wherever God gives me a platform.”

Realizing that bullying is a global issue and that no one is immune from being bullied, Vujicic took his message of encouragement to tens of thousands of young people across the world.

During the tour, Vujicic also plans to encourage parents to pay attention to their children and never ignore bullying, as well as to rise their children to become the ones to help the helpless.

Reportedly Vujicic plans to make similar events across the U.S. in every state.

Vujicic recently released his new book titled “Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action.” In the book Vujicic speaks about God’s great love and His divine plan for everyone's life. In the book, Vujicic addresses adversity and difficulty many people face today including: personal crises, relationship issues, career and joy challenge, health and disability concerns, self-destructive thoughts, emotion and addictions, bullying, persecution, cruelty, and intolerance, balance in body, mind, heart, and spirit, service to others. 

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