Phil King on Being Signed to Gateway Music and the Making of "All Glory"

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Gateway Music, home for the music artistry of Gateway Church, has signed worship artist and songwriter Phil King and will release his full-length label debut album, All Glory, March 6. Recorded live Nov. 8 at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, the 11-track album was produced by UPPERROOM's Matt Fish (Jeremy Riddle, Jason Upton, Leeland) and features special guest vocalists Lauren Mwonga (Gateway) and Joel Figueroa (UPPERROOM). 

Hailing from Turlock, CA and now based in Dallas, King has led worship at conferences around the world, written a book on worship, Defending the Purity of Worship, and released an independent album, Giants & Oceans, in 2014. After leading the worship department at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, he is now a worship leader at Gateway Church. His aim is to carry the Presence of God everywhere he goes and the message of loving God with all that we are.

Q: Phil, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself: tell us a little about yourself?

I am a California native currently in Texas. I'm a worship leader and songwriter at Gateway Church and I love watching basketball and I really enjoy nature - especially mountains. 

Q:  You have previously worked with Lauren Daigle, Michael W. Smith and Leeland.  Can you tell us any memorable story you have had while working with any one of them? 

Yes! Singing for the Bush family with Michael for their Christmas dinner was definitely pretty neat. (I was very nervous) Lauren and Leeland are both great pals. I was very present and helped out some when Lauren was getting started. Lots of fun memories!

Q: I believe you are currently serving at Gateway Church.  Tell us about your ministry there.

Yes I am. I love my home church! Whenever I'm home I lead worship at a different campus on the weekends and I'm also signed to the church as a songwriter. But when I'm not leading worship, I'm usually at the 4 o'clock service on Saturday evening. Haha.

Q:  How have the folks at Gateway Music helped you in the making of this album?

They're incredible. Every aspect was so covered and taken care of from start to finish. And most of all, they're family, which is what made it so special. And being a creative guy, sometimes I need to be kept honed in. They do a good job at that too. Haha! 

Q:  Tell us about the live recording of this album.  What was most memorable to you about the recording?

I think my favorite moment was right before the song "So Worthy" ..the spontaneous moment called "Freedom in Your Hands." None of that was supposed to happen - it was all captured in the moment. Very real, very raw moment. 

Q:  You have enlisted the help of UPPERROOM's Matt Fish to produce the album.  What does Matt bring to the record which you greatly appreciate? 

Matt is amazing at capturing that really raw and really in the moment sound of worship. And something else he brings that I'm proud of is every song is about 90% untouched from the night of.. and the songs are all in the order we actually played them in... so it's like you are truly there the night that it happened. This is Matt's strong suit as a producer and I'm real grateful he helped out. 

Q:  Has there been a single released off the record yet?  If so, tell us more about this lead track.

On February 14th the first single "Song of Redemption" releases. It's an incredible message of how when people's eyes are first opened to their sin there is initially remorse and sadness, but then God hears just around the corner an incredible sound of worship and thanksgiving rising from them because He is going to redeem them through the answer of His Son Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. I'm excited about it, definitely worth it to look up the lyrics on this one!

Q:  How do you wish these songs would impact the lives of your listeners and the church?

My hope is that these songs would save the lost.. that when people hear the sound of freedom, they'd come running to the freedom in Jesus.

And then secondly, that they would stoke or reignite the first love fire of those who have been walking with Jesus for a while. 


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