Story Behind Ghost Ship's New Song "Oh Sinner"


Worship band Ghost Ship has just released their third full-length album To the End.  The album is released via Gospel Song Records/BEC Worship Recordings.  The album tells the story of God's unending love for His people through the lens of time: He loved us in our past, He loves us now, and He'll love us for eternity.

The record is written from the perspective of our need for restoration and God's ability to provide it both now and for forever. The songs were written over a four year period of brokenness and healing, with each song accessing a different snapshot of God speaking into despair and providing hope.

One of the songs on the record is "Oh Sinner." Cam Huxford, the band's songwriter and lead singer tells us the story behind the song: ""Oh Sinner" was one of the last songs I wrote. It's about the ongoing process of walking out repentance. For every Christian, the whole life of a believer is working out their repentance daily. We struggle with the fact that we sin. We ask, why am I still sinning?"

"I read the story in Mark about Jesus healing a paralytic man. It was a story I'd read many times. But what struck me for the first time was what Jesus said after He healed the man. He's just done this huge miracle, everyone's watching, and He has this opportunity to say, "Here's what I'm all about." He could have said a lot of things. He could have said, "I'm all powerful" or "bow down to me" or "I am God" but what He chose to say was, "I can forgive your sin." That's the message He wanted to tell. Whatever you're struggling with it, God forgives."


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