Mawcore Talks About their Vision to Flood the World with Hope Driven Fearless Rock music


Mawcore, a Modern Hard Alternative Rock band, have released their first official radio single, 'Bottom Feed', from their upcoming release 'Mud Man' which is the follow up to last year's 'Out of the Mire' EP. 

'Bottom Feed' is a 'raise your fist in the air' hard rock anthem, produced and mixed by Justin Forshaw of As We Ascend and Wild North West Studios. "So many voices will try to tell us we can't succeed after failure, but this song is a voice to all those who down to rise up against the negativity and realize we are forgiven, redeemed and more than conquerors", explains the band.

Pulling in core elements of grinding guitars, pulsing bass, pounding drums, layered electronica sounds and soaring vocals, Mawcore has created their brand of Alt. Modern Hard Art Rock. The band draws upon musical influences from the 70's, 80's, 90's and carries into the present day, stretching and barreling onward towards eternity. From the Hebrew word, meaning "Wellspring", Mawcore taps into the central line of the hopeless, with a continual supply of hope and life, through faith-based lyrics and a mended-heart filled message.

Members Joshua, Jeremy and Jeff found themselves with wounds being healed by the music within their core. Being joined by a variety of other musicians and eventually now permanent guitarist Ben, the programming talents of Chris, and the drumming skills of Ryan, they crafted a sound uniquely their own. These passionate members are fueling the forward motion that is Mawcore! In this life, which can be full of disappointment and difficulties, music can be an avenue by which we can find hope again. Mawcore is on a mission to do just that. 

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Who is Mawcore?

Excellent question. It would be simple to say a Modern Hard Alternative Rock band or a group of musicians or people coming together to make music; even though that is what we are; but we definitely feel as though we are more than that. We feel that Mawcore reaches beyond our practice space, our concert stage and our music. Mawcore mean's Wellspring and we feel it is a mission that includes all who come beside us. Wellspring is an original and bountiful source of and for us we have been charged to share about the original and bountiful source of Hope, which for us is Jesus. We are on a mission to flood the world with Hope driven fearless rock, which to us is more than music, its movement that we hope will spread throughout all we come in contact with and who make the vision their own.

Q:   Tell us about your journey, how was the group formed?

The journey that has lead us to the forming of Mawcore, starts at the tail end of former nationally distributed Hard Art Rock band, Blushing Well's journey. Members had changed and it no longer felt like Blushing Well and during this time some crazy things had happened in the ministry that created some disappointment and personal struggle. It took a toll on the members and left them feeling like all needed to come to an end, which it did for a while. But, God is merciful and is willing to rebuild where things appear completely destroyed. 3 of us were left needing an outlet to just connect what we were feeling through music, so as we started working through feelings the songs and lyrics started pouring out. We were joined with other members during this process, that helped really get things rolling and taking shape. We realized that it was not only time for new music, but also time for a new vision and thus Mawcore was born.

Q:  What's the meaning and significance of the name Mawcore?

As said earlier, Mawcore means wellspring, which is the original and bountiful source of. A wellspring is something that is bursting forth with life, providing each person with what they need at just the right time. We want to be that wellspring of Hope. We want to be a source of life changing nourishment. We want to share the Hope we have found through crushing and devastating situations with those who are also amidst struggle, failure, regret and fear, and help them find that they can move forward in courage.

Q:   How would you describe your style of music?  And which artists would you say influenced you?

We are going to keep going with Modern Hard Alternative Rock, because we fall into an artistic form of music that is more closely compared to bands like Rush, Yes, King Crimson, Muse and even Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. We definitely bring a wide range of influences into the band. We are not influenced by just one style, but by a little bit of many styles. In one song you can often hear influences from Electronica to Classic Metal. We believe in writing from the heart and letting the music share the message of our heart. We realize it doesn't always bring out a song that fits what is popular or even radio friendly, but will still hopefully bring life and hope to the listeners who discover each song.

Q:   You have released a few EPs but you are currently working on your full-length album, is that right?  Tell us more about this new album.  

Yes, we actually released 3 EP's, mainly because of how things got delayed with the recording of our last batch of songs. It is a really long story of craziness and we ended up recording the last batch of songs in 3 different studios. We always wanted the songs to be released as a full project, because from beginning to end they had a story to tell in the full sum of all the songs together. We recently were able to do just that.

As of June 25th 2019, we will be able to release the full project Mud Man, which has all the songs remastered and even has some added bonuses. With the release of Mud Man, we are able to offer the full story of a person in total breakdown that goes through a full blown journey leading to healing and even the realization that they are still extremely valuable no matter what has happened. We needed to release Mud Man so we could tell this story to prepare everyone for the next story, which is the next full length that will hopefully be out later this year. But, it may not make complete sense to everyone who hasn't gone on the journey of Mud Man.

Q:  Tell us more about your new single and why you are excited about it.

The new single is "Bottom Feed-Forshaw Mix", because it is a re-produced, re-mixed and re-mastered version of the original that was release in 2015. We handed this one over to Justin Forshaw of As We Ascend and Wild Northwest Studio and had him help us breathe new life into this song. The main reason is that it is a bridge song. It is a song coming out of the brokenness and moving into a realization that past failures may try to keep us trapped, but we are still very valuable and we are worth the fight. Bottom Feed is an anthem of being filled with the Hope to fight for who we are prepared to be, not who we were. This song will also prepare the listeners for the next batch of songs that will be hopefully recorded and completed before years end.

Q:  I was visiting your website and you even have recipes there!  Tell us more about your cooking recipes!

Hahahah. Yes there are recipes there and there may be more down the road. We had a few other people find these very interesting, including the people who we host the sight with. They saw these recipes and messaged us and said that is an awesome idea. They never saw a band do this before. We just saw all of these recipes being shared around the Christmas Holiday time and thought why not put out our own recipes, only we should come up with crazy ones. So we did. We created our own crazy Christmas recipes, as well as found some crazy recipes from 1950's and 60's food magazines. It is hard to believe, but many of the ones we put on there are legitimate recipes that others have created and decide the world should also try them. So, for all those who are curious and want to try making them, let us know when you do. We joked that we would do a Christmas Cooking special on our Youtube, but maybe that will go from joke to reality. Oh what fun that would be.        

Q:  As a group, what's your vision?  How do you wish to advance God's kingdom through your music ministry?

Our Vision is to Flood the World with Hope Driven Fearless Rock music. We want to do this is an honest and real way. We personally feel that much of music that gets the title of Christian Music is afraid to be honest. Of course it makes a good documentary or behind the music story when we tell the story of Christian artist and their struggles in hindsight, but it shouldn't have to be that way. People need to know that Hope and rescue is available in all of our struggles. We all are struggling with something and God has not left us because of our struggles, in fact He has drawn even closer to us because of our struggles. Our hope and desire is that people will listen to the songs and hear the lyrics and find that God is ready and able to restore and even rebuild if necessary.


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