Benita Bellamy Kelley Talks About Her New Book "Born 2 Be"

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Benita Bellamy Kelley is founder and CEO of The Bellamy Group marketing agency which is noted as one of the top agencies in Gospel music. She now adds author and radio personality to her thriving career and diverse brand. Benita has authored and released her first book BORN 2 BE.

BORN 2 BE is an inspiring 31-day devotional and enlightening guide to motivate you to tap into your full potential.  Benita's powerful book includes many of her own good and bad life experiences while growing up in the mountains of East Tennessee, as a single mother for 20 years, and as an entrepreneur.  Each chapter has original or notable personalities' quotes that Benitaencourages readers to share on social media. 

BORN 2 BE is self-published by Benita and The Bellamy Group and is written to encourage men and women to #BeRESILIENT and to Endure, Rise and WIN! (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).   The full-color book also features photos by Barry Bellamy (Benita's brother), who captured beautiful picturesque scenes from home in the mountains of Tennessee to travels throughout Jamaica and the Carribean Islands.

Q:  Benita, thanks for doing this interview with us. You have had played a big role in promoting many Christian artists over the years.  Tell us a little bit about what you do and your role in Christian music.

Thank you for having me Timothy!

I have a company called The Bellamy Group in Nashville and we offer marketing and publicity services to artists, pastors, authors and public personalities. We also work with non-profit organizations, churches and ministries in marketing events and specialized campaigns.  In music, we often act as the record label for indie artists, providing services from the recording process to branding to touring.  We offer artist development for new artists. Training and rehearsing, education and understanding the music industry and building physical and mental stamina is vital to maintain a career in music.  Overall, we manage the careers of many of our clients.

Q:  Who are some of the artists you have mentored and have helped over the years?

I've been blessed to work at great record labels: EMI Gospel (Motown Gospel), Sanctuary Records, Light Records/eOne and my own independent company The Bellamy Group. I've worked with Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award-winning artists Gloria Gaynor, Twinkie Clark (of the Clark Sisters), Smokie Norful, CeCe Winans, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Bishop T.D. Jakes and the Potters House Choir, Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers, Shirley Caesar, Mali Music, Brian Courtney Wilson, Rev. Dan Willis, Miel San Marcos, The Wardlaw Brothers, Earnest Pugh, Trinitee 5:7, Ben Tankard, Earl Bynum & The Mount Unity Choir, Robert E. Person, The Miami Mass Choir, Grace Covenant Church and Bridgett Kern.  I love my clients and it's such a diverse list from different denominations and at various levels in their careers.  But, we are unified (#TeamBellamyGroup) as a family through Christ.

Q:  What are some of the joys in your work in helping these artists?

I love being able to assist and walk the journey with an artist from the creation of a song to the distribution and ministering of the song.  Then, to see people renewed, healed and made whole through the Gospel of Music is such an incredible feeling.  I am a creative.  I enjoy bringing thoughts or ideas to life by telling a story with words or developing visual media or merchandise that becomes an enjoyable part of the consumers life.  And it's just so cool to be on tour or traveling with clients and see something I had a hand in creating being used to make the world better.

Q:  You have also written a new book "BORN 2 BE."  What prompted you to write a book?

About 5 years ago I started posting encouraging thoughts, scriptures and inspiring quotes on my Facebook page to offer a positive alternative to so much negative or irrelevant content I was seeing.  The response was incredible and positive.  People were being encouraged by my own life experiences and thoughts and the words God had given me to share.  So I prayed about it even more and God made it clear to me that I was to write a book.  And He has recently made it clear to write this as a "Born 2 Be" series. It did take me a while to complete it.  I even stopped writing because I was busy being a single mom, busy traveling and working with clients or just discouraged going through my own personal trials.  But, after I got married a year and a half ago, my husband - my helpmeet was so encouraging and helped me find time to write.  Now I'm on a roll! I can't wait to write more editions!

Q:  What's the book about?

Born 2 Be is a devotional for men and women.  There are 31 chapters for daily reading.  Each chapter challenges or teaches readers to "BE".  Chapters like: Be INNOVATIVE, Be OPTIMISTIC or Be QUIET teach practical and specific actions to help readers stay focused and inspired on the path to becoming what God created each of us to be.  I included personal stories or situational scenarios, a quote or thought for the day, and a corresponding scripture to meditate on throughout the day.  I am very transparent in some chapters about some of my life experiences that were devastating, heartbreaking and just down right awful! But, I love that God can use my failures and misfortunes, and my triumphs and achievements to show just how much He loves us and wants to give us a wonderful, joy-filled life.  The book was created with the busy person in mind as well.  Each chapter is powerful, but short enough for morning time devotion or lunch break meditation and prayer. 

Q:  I believe you have also created a Spotify Playlist to go with the book.  Tell us more about this playlist.

I did create a "Born 2 Be Spotify Playlist". I'm excited about that!  There are 31 songs from all types of Christian and Gospel artists.  I chose songs that specifically encourage through tough times, songs that create an atmosphere of pure worship, and songs that make you want to sing and dance and have a great day!  Be BOLD and listen to "Courageous" by Casting Crowns.  Be FORGIVING and listen to "A Heart That Forgives" by Kevin Levar.  Be OBEDIENT and listen to "Lord I'm Ready Now" by Plumb.  Be RESILIENT and listen to "I Won't Give Up" by Percy Bady and Canton Jones.  It's a great inspirational playlist to put on repeat because music is incredibly good for the soul.

Q:  Some of our readers may feel overwhelmed and discouraged.  What words of faith and encouragement do you have for them?

We all have moments of discouragement and I too get overwhelmed sometime with work, family and the daily happenings in society. My encouragement is to keep your mind on spiritual things! We are not created to carry the burdens we sometimes carry.  Give your stresses, worry and concern to God.  He can handle it. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, songs and scriptures. Trials are temporary.   Do Not spend your day or your life bound with the weight and pressures of the world. We are created to Worship not worry!

You can read more about Benita, read samples and purchase the BORN 2 BE book by visiting   



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