JJ Weeks on Going Solo, His New Single "Choices" & Upcoming Album

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Renowned, Macon, GA-based singer-songwriter JJ Weeks, known for writing and leading hit-making songs like "Let Them See You," "Alive In Me," "What Kind Of Love" and "Do Not Be Afraid," has signed his first-ever, exclusive agreement as a solo artist with Ian Eskelin's Radiate Music. The debut song to release under the new arrangement, "Choices," will hit digital retail and streaming outlets globally April 19 and goes for adds at radio May 17. 

We are honored to be able catch up with JJ Weeks as he talks about going solo and his upcoming new music.

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  For years, you fronted JJ Weeks Band, why did you decide to go solo now?  Moving forward, how will your music be different or/and the same as your previous music with the band?

A: I have always been a part of a "band" so everything that we recorded had to sound that way. I really enjoyed that season, but it is nice to get in a setting and make the music that comes out naturally...the only differences I see is the freedom to create what comes naturally, so it will be music from my heart without having to make it sound like anything but what it is.

Q:  What factors made you sign with Radiate Music for your new album?

A: Ian [Eskelin].... I love the guy. Had never met him until we got together one time to sit and talk and just felt a connection. Really feel like it's a God timing thing.

 Q:  Talk to us about your new single "Choices."  What's the song about and why are you excited about it?

A: Super Excited about my new song "Choices." This last year, I had to make a lot of really tough decisions and choices with the ministry and even in my personal life. So, I sat down with Ian Eskelin and Tony Wood and shared how I wanted to write a song about that. Every choice we make today affects our tomorrows and our tomorrows are our future. Praying this song can really help some people realize that everything that we choose needs to be filtered through the faith that we profess

Q:  Give us a glimpse of your forthcoming album: who are you working with?  What is the title and when will the new record be released?

A: I believe this record will be a breath of fresh air for me and for the fans. We don't know exactly what the title is going to be yet or the exact date of release, but it won't be long. For sure will be working with Ian Eskelin and Tony Wood again - enjoyed writing with them - but also have several other guys I would love to sit down with.

Q:  Talk to us about a couple of songs in the album that you think will minister to your listeners.

A: We only have 4-5 written at this point, but there's another one called "Days Like These" that will be on the record. It's  just a heart song. It talks about when we face the difficult moments, we can be reminded that God is faithful, and he'll help us walk through those storms. I heard an old preacher say one time that if God brings you to a storm, he'll take you through it - and I am living proof of that.

Q:  You are currently touring, what can our readers expect when they come to see you?

A: Our hope is that people will have fun and enjoy the night, but, more importantly, that they meet with Jesus. We tell of our struggles and are vulnerable, so hopefully people will see they are not alone in the fight.  I often say that we can sing at them for a couple of hours and it not change anything in their life, but God can move in and in a moment change everything. That is the most important part of the night. 



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