Joseph Habedank Offers Exclusive Insights into His New Album "Deeper Oceans"

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Grammy nominated and multiple Dove Award-winning artist, Joseph Habedank has released his new Daywiind Records album Deeper Oceans. The Singing News Fan Award winner has had chart-topping success with his April 2017 release Resurrection and is set to make big waves with Deeper Oceans.

Each song on the record was co-written by Habedank himself along with award-winning writers Lee Black, Jason Cox, Michael Boggs, Dave Clark and more. Inspired by God's words in Micah 7:19, Deeper Oceans reminds listeners to cast their sins into the depths of the sea.

We are honored to be able to catch up with Joseph to chat about his new record.

Q:  Joseph, thanks so much for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the release of your new album, why did you call the album "Deeper Oceans?"

We wanted to encourage the listeners to go a little deeper with us on this record. There are some songs on this album that require the listener to listen a little closer and pay attention a little more to the lyrics in order to get the message of the song. Ironically, "Deeper Oceans" is one of those songs. 

Q:  I believe you co-wrote all the songs on the album.  Who are some of your co-writers?  Any interesting stories to share while you were co-writing with some of these scribes?

Well, the co-writer list is fairly lengthy, but I wouldn't feel right leaving anyone out so here is the complete list: Tony Wood, Jimmy Yeary, Lee Black, Michael Boggs, Jason Cox, Michael Farren, Benji Cowart, Wayne Haun, Sue C. Smith, Daniel Doss, Dave Clark and Don Koch. I am so grateful for each of them for investing their time and talent into this record. 

My favorite story is probably in regards to "Everything Bows." Sometimes a co-write will start with an opening prayer, but this co-write ended with a prayer. When we finished writing this song, Tony Wood stopped and began to thank God for the gift of this song. It was a pretty special moment. A special thank you to Tony and Dave Clark for allowing me to write this song with them. 

Q:  Many of your own songs are also recorded by others such as Reba McEntire, Ivan Parker, the Booth Brothers and many others.  How do you decide which songs to keep for yourself and which songs to give away to others?

I think it comes down to what songs fit me the best. There is this common misconception amongst artists that I keep all the good songs I write and then pitch all the leftovers to other artists, but that is not the case. In fact, Brian Free & Assurance just recorded a song that I really wanted to record on this album, but it just didn't fit this particular record. I'm already regretting not cutting it. :-) 

Q:  In writing the songs for this album, how has your faith been challenged or deepened? 

I think more than anything the Lord has taught me how valuable wisdom and patience are. They are two things that do not come naturally to me and my personality, but I'm learning how paramount they are in one's walk with Christ. We have a lot of big decisions to make in the upcoming months of our ministry and we would appreciate everyone's prayers. They are ALL great things, but we need wisdom. 

Q: Tell us more about your new single "Shame on Me."  What's the story behind this song? 

I wrote this with Michael Boggs (formerly of FFH) and Jason Cox in downtown Nashville at the historic First Baptist Church. Michael was leading worship there and we actually wrote the song in the sanctuary. The acoustics were amazing! I wanted to write a song about shame, but I wanted to put a positive spin on it. I think it was Jason or Michael who came up with "Shame On Me" - I love the title! 

Q:  My favorite song on the album is "This Grace."  What's the story behind this song?

This is another amazing story; Michael Farren, Benji Cowart and I actually wrote this song during a LIVE co-write in front of about 100 other songwriters at a workshop called Write About Jesus that takes place in St Louis, MO every fall. We had an hour to write a song and this is what we came up with! 

Q:  What's your hope for this record?  How do you wish this album would help or impact the lives of your listeners?

Ultimately, I always hope that the listeners will be encouraged by my albums and the songs contained on them, but I really hope this album will challenge people to go a little deeper in their walk with Christ. 

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