The Old Paths Reflect on their Journey with Milestone Album "Hits"

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As they return to touring with a renewed dedication to their ministry, The Old Paths are releasing their Hits album, a collection of the quartet's top songs, re-recorded with tenor singer Steve Ladd, who joined the group in 2017. Hits will be released May 10 from Sonlite Records.

Hits brings beloved Old Paths songs back into the spotlight, renewing the far-reaching power of the originals.The group now consists of founding members Tim Rackley and Douglas Roark, longtime bass singer Daniel Ashmore and tenor Steve Ladd. 

Q:  Congratulations on your new album "HITS."  Why did you decide to do a greatest hits album?

Steve Ladd joined the group 2 years ago, and having cut a new album this year, there's still a high demand from fans to hear their favorite Old Paths songs but with the new lineup. 

Q:  Steve Ladd has been with the team since 2017.  What does Steve bring to the team that you appreciate?  

He brings passion, personality and a heart for people! As well as one the strongest, most recognizable tenor voices in our industry today. 

Q: What are some of the songs you guys re-recorded for this new record?   

We did everyone's favorites, including "Battle Stand," "God's Great," "Long Live The King" and "I Of The Storm," just to name a few. 

Q:  Do you try to keep to the original or do you try to re-imagine the songs while re-recording them? 

While trying to stay true to what people are familiar with, I wanted to make each song my own and as personable as I could. 

Q:  Looking back, what are some songs on the "HITS" that really define your own life and faith? 

Though many of the songs on this Hits album speak to me on a personal level, I would have to say, "I Of The Storm" is the most personable for me. As of late, I've gone through many storms and have truly found Christ to be in complete control! He has truly spoken peace to me in the midst of every storm! 

Q:  With the new record and the touring, how do you balance ministry and family?

We have amazing wives and children who are just as committed to the case of Christ as we are! 

Q:  What does the rest of this year look like?  More touring?  And more albums coming ahead?

Definitely more touring with a full calendar in 2019! With just having released 2 new albums this year, I don't forsee another album until next year. 


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