Kees Kraayenoord Gets the "Ultimate" Treatment April 12

Kees Kraayenoord

Spring Harvest festival favourite Kees (you pronounce it 'Case') Kraayenoord will release his Ultimate Collection on April 12 via Integrity Music. This 15 track collection includes two previously unreleased songs 'Rise With A Roar' and 'Hold On' which is a co write with Tim Hughes. 

It also includes other co writes with Martin Smith Ben Cantelon & Noel Richards as well as duets with Graham Kendrick and Cathy Burton.It features the popular 'Running Into Love' and 'Speak These Words'

Kraayenoord is doing exactly what he has always wanted. 'When I was seventeen I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do in life: singing writing and speaking to help people worship.' But the journey from there to here has not always been easy. 'By the grace of God He took me a young broken insecure and sometimes even cocky boy and made me an influencer a national (worship) leader.'

Kees leads Mozaiek0318 a church of 3,000 people. He is considered a Father of worship in Holland a dutch Michael W Smith if you will.

He has recently been a part of the Spring Harvest tour and will be leading worship at Spring Harvest Minehead this year.

Calling for a wholesale increase in compassion honesty and a bolder search for truth Kees is a unique talent with a great back catalogue.

Kees is passionate about helping worship leaders to pursue Jesus and serve His body the local church and dedicates his time to writing leading worship and church leadership at Mozaiek0318. He's currently writing for a new Mozaiek Worship album and is getting ready to launch the Mozaiek Worship College this year.


This is Jesus
Let Me Lead You
Running Into Love
There's Beauty in This Place
Living Water
For the Cross
Heaven's King
Hold On
Rise With a Roar
God of the Moon & Stars
Hold on to You Forever 


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