Christopher Williams' New Album is Inspired by the Book of Joel

Christopher Williams

Award-winning singer-songwriter Christopher Williams released his 12th independent album, We Will Remember, on February 8, 2019. These twelve songs are designed for congregational worship and personal devotional, and are based on the Old Testament book of Joel.

"The book of Joel is often a skipped-over part of the Old Testament," shared Christopher Williams, who has been a touring musician for over 20 years. "There are a lot of painful and desolate things that happen in the narrative, but we can also see God's hand of restoration throughout. As we face difficult and tragic moments in our world, nation, and personal lives, the book of Joel seems quite relevant to us today."

The development of We Will Remember began during conversations between Williams and his friend and author Jaco J. Hamman. The album was commissioned to became a companion piece to Hamman's new book The Millennial Narrative: Sharing A Good Life With the Next Generation (Abingdon Press), which uses the book of Joel to show how an understanding of suffering and tragedy can deeply impact our spiritual growth - especially for the Millennial generation.

Williams' new album has received critical praise. Dave Trout, President of UTR Media, shares: "We Will Remember is an incredible achievement. The balance between vulnerable lament and hope-filled praise is a rare feat, and these songs should stir listeners' souls in a deep way."

We Will Remember is now available on all digital music platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify. As well as on Christopher's website



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