Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship “Songs of the House” Album Review

Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship

Prime Cuts:  Found Your Love, We Come,  We Know There's More

Overall Grade:  4.5/5

Undergirding this new 10-song worship record is a story of revival.  Seven years ago, Gateway Shelbyville, a multi-generational, Tennessee congregation situated on the small town's main thoroughfare of Madison Stree, was just a small rural church of not more than 60 congregants.  But enter the Holy spirit, through Gateway's pastor, Jason Daughdrill and worship leader, Corey Voss, the church has now grown into a congregation of over 1,000 worshippers.  Part of the impetus of the revival was the passion to create a worship culture.  And thanks to Voss' leadership and Integrity Music's support, we get to experience part of this incredible story  via the soundtrack that gave birth to the flames of revival.

Voss first came to our purview last year when he partnered with Integrity Music to release Songs of Heaven and Earth last year.  Months later, we are greeted with this new collection birthed out of the worshipful expressions of Voss and his church team.  Like Voss' own solo endeavor, this is flourished with a smooth pop song with a balance of uptempos and ballads.  In a similar vein to Voss' "The King is Here," "Praise Your Name" is an uplifting call to worship in all happenstances of life.  This is followed by "Liberator," which boasts some spacey electric percussion and worship leader Annalise Bush haunting hollers: The Liberator is in the house / The sound of healing is breaking out...

With a piercing electric-guitar intro, "Across the Earth" is a future worship anthem quipped with a dynamic chorus. Annalise Bush, a name to watch, is at her best when she sings lead on the album's prime cut "Found Your love."  Augmented by Bush's heartfelt vocals and song's lyrics that details the intimacy of Christ's love, this song is easily one of this year's best worship ballads.  "We Come," with some lyrical echoes of Darlene Zschech's "The Table," is another standout ballad that details how the Cross joins us together as family.  

"We Know There's More" is the panacea to all the superficiality often associated with Christianity.  A no-nonsense get to the core of what's most important song, this number does the soul well.  Yet, not all the ballads excel.  "Lay Me Down" and "Holy Places:" are okay by themselves but they are a tad generic and nondescript relative to the others.  Nevertheless, this is a stellar worship records.  Moreover, it also provides us a backdoor for us to soak in the values, the culture, the vocabulary, the tunes, the atmosphere and the unction of what revival looks and feels like.



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