Radiate Worship's Martin Midgård Hagen on How They Stepped Out of Their Comfort Zone for New Album

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Radiate Worship will release their album Come Alive on February 8 via DREAM Records.  The team has its origin in Pinsekirken Tabernaklet Ungdom in Bergen, Norway.  The members love to discover new and groundbreaking ways of doing worship. This is reflected in their music, where they wish to create songs that communicate both their belief in, and journey with God. A God that is present and working today, as he always will be.

"Radiate worship aims to create music that inspires and engages both those who believe, and those who still not," says lead singer, Martin Midgård Hagen.

We are so honored to be able to chat with Radiate Worship's Martin Midgård Hagen for this exclusive interview. 

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  You guys are from Norway, what's the church and Christianity like in Norway?  Is it growing? 

A: Thank you for reaching out to us! The church in Norway is doing great and we're constantly growing. 

Q:  Tell us about your own church.  

A: We are a part of Tabernacle Bergen, a pentacostal church placed in the middle of downtown Bergen. It's a pretty old church, coming up to our 100-birthday pretty soon! The church is filled with people of all ages, from 0-100yrs. We're building a church for every phase of life, a church that you can attend and be a part of throughout the journey we call life! 

Q:  And who is Radiate Worship?

A: Radiate Worship emerged from our youth ministry in 2008/2009. We were looking to other worship-ministries around in Norway - seeing how they produced their own worship-music, we asked ourselves; why can't we do the same? So we did - and we kept on doing what we love. We have produced 3 albums until today, and are excited to release «Come Alive» really soon!

Q:  Is this your first English worship album?  And how did you get to work with the folks at DREAM?

A: We have had a 50/50 mix between Norwegian and English songs until now. After we released our single «Trust», DREAM contacted us with the possibility of working together. We have always done everything ourselves and we're very stoked about someone from LA loving our music and reaching out a hand to help us reach further. Since we wanted to reach further than Norway, to work with DREAM made a lot of sense! We're excited to see how this relationship goes with the upcoming album!

Q:  In your biography, it says that you are always looking for ways for christians to step out of their comfort zones.  How has this new record made you step out of your own comfort zone? 

A: Anna and I had a profound experience with God ahead of the production of «Come Alive». We were living in an apartment that we couldn't stay in for much longer, as it was to small for us and our newly born daughter. We tried to sell it to get the funds to find a more suitable place for us. We had a real estate agent over, who told us we bought the place for more than it was worth and we would be lucky if we could earn something on selling it. We started praying spesific for every aspect of the process, from selling the apartment to getting a new job. We we're both without permanent jobs, only part-time jobs. Three house-showings went by - NO ONE showed up. We were living in a situation, where our own safety-net was gone - and we needed to put our trust COMEPLETELY in God.

We took the apartment of the market for 30 days, and put it back on the marker for one last showing. Right before the showing my grandma told me (and she can really hear the God's voice) - and she told us that one guy would come, and he was going to buy the place. The day before the last showing - this happened. One guy came and asked to see the apartment, and he bought the place for a price we couldn't even imagine. Right at the same time I was given a new job that made it possible to do Radiate Worship as well. Out from this, «Trust» was born and from this, DREAM contacted us. We are so humble to see how God has been working when we really trusted fully in Him!

Q:  What are some of the highlights for you in the making of this album?

A: I think i speak for everyone in the team that «Want My Heart» was the most unexpected song that came to life during the three weeks of studio time this summer. We ended up shutting off the lights while doing crowd vocals to spontaneous worship, we suddenly recorded some kids playing outside the recording-room, and had PC (guitar) do some crazy vocals.. there was so much spontaneous in this song, and we all thought this was a great way to end the album!

Q:  I love the unique titles you have for your songs.  But I can't figure out what "91" mean.  What does the title of the song refer?  

A: Psalm...... 91!

Q:  How do you wish this album would impact the lives and churches of your listeners?

A: I can only speak for myself, but I really hope that this album urges our listeners to not be satisfied with their current situation with God. Get this; We have so much more to experience with Him, we have only seen a glimpse of what He has for us. If one REALLY puts their trust in Him, the most insane things could happen. But it's not until you put your feet on the sea, you get to experience this!


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