Catch the Fire Music's Chris Shealy Shares the Passion Behind "Presence"

Chris Shealy

Catch The Fire Music, a ministry of Catch The Fire World, releases its debut collective album, Presence (Live From Toronto), Jan. 25 with global distribution for the first time through TheFuel Music. Recorded live at Catch The Fire Toronto and featuring worship leaders from around the world, this full-length album highlights 10-songs that capture the raw, spontaneous, unfiltered worship of the Catch The Fire movement.

Produced by Matt Fish and mastered by Drew Lavyne (Michael W. Smith, Jesus Culture),Presence (Live From Toronto) includes songs written and led by Chris and Summer ShealyJonathan and Alice Clarke, GRAMMY Award-winning songwriter Amber Brooks and Steve Tebb.

We are honored to be able to catch up with Chris Shealy as he talks about their new album.

Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourselves, who is Catch the Fire Music? 

Absolutely our honor! Catch The Fire Music is a collective of worship leaders from within the Catch The Fire movement! We are based all over the world in places like Toronto, London, Raleigh, NC etc. 

Q:  Since there are already so many worship teams, what sets the music of Catch the Fire apart?

We don't get into comparison really, but I'll say this... Every individual has a unique sound, expression, heart song to offer up in worship. Even with many worship teams and many amazing worship leaders, there is, and will always be, a unique sound that we each get the privilege of stewarding. Our worship is ours and our sound is ours and only WE can release that sound into the Earth. Sons and Daughters of God are all uniquely designed in his image and one way this is expressed on the Earth is through our song. We are the only versions of ourselves the world will ever know. So, I think what sets us apart is just that. We are sons and daughters releasing our sound in the Earth. 

Q:  Congratulations on your upcoming album "Presence."  What's at the heart of this record?  How do you wish God would use this record to impact your listeners?

Presence is the Heart! It's all about recording songs and moments that lead people into an encounter with God's transforming presence. 

Q:  I believe this album was recorded live.  Where was it recorded?  What were some highlights of the recording? 

This album is live! It's recorded in Toronto Canada at Catch The Fire Toronto. For us the highlights are the spontaneous moments when the crowd begins to join in a new song and when the crowd begins to lift up their own unique songs before the Lord. Those moments are always special. 

Q:  You have also included a few spontaneous worship moments on the record.  Why do you do that?  What do these moments serve?

I think songs are awesome. Well-crafted songs that are catchy and repeatable are one of the only ways you can get people to start declaring things they wouldn't otherwise say. Lyrics catche the heart and mind and lasts forever. Spontaneous songs are, to us, an eruption of our Heart responding to the Presence of God!

Spontaneous songs are raw, passionate outpourings of our hearts before the King of Kings. Those moments aren't rehearsed or perfected. We really value the authenticity of that kind of worship of Jesus. It's honest, real, raw, vulnerable. I think it serves to show others that it's possible for them to connect to God in the same way, whether driving or waking up in the morning. They can always have access and can always have a song to sing to God. It's important to learn how to do that in an honest way and we hope we've modeled it well on this album!

Q:  In your opinion, what makes a good worship song?  And what's your proudest composition?

A good worship song is one that leads us to want to give more of our heart to God. A good worship song honors the Trinity, it honors his worth, it honors his goodness and his faithfulness to us his children. 

My proudest composition personally is "What A Father"... my wife and I wrote that together in 5 minutes. It was more of a download from heaven to us at home one day. I think it's served as one of the most influential songs we've written in regard to impact on hearts in a worship setting. 

Q:  How has worship impacted your life and your faith?

Worship is our lifestyle. It's the fulcrum of all that we do. Without it, we are out of balance. Without focusing on worshipping Jesus, all our endeavors feel empty. So, you might say, it is the impact of my life and faith. 

Q:  Speak to the worship leaders who are reading this article. What words of encouragement can you offer them in their ministry?

If you don't quit, you can't lose. We each have a race we are running. Comparison can be destructive to your heart and dreams. Our platforms aren't to be compared. Run YOUR race. identify what God's telling you to do with your life and platform and RUN. If you don't quit, you can't lose.

Also... don't ever be discouraged by time. Time is not limited in God's Kingdom. We are 33 years old and have been pursuing this dream of leading worship around the world in a beautiful family since we were 15.

If we had achieved that dream in our 20's, we would have blown it. We weren't ready. We needed more time to develop with God. We're grateful for the time in the secret place where nobody knew our names or that we led worship. It prepared us to better steward the things God had and has in store for us along our journey. 



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