Aled Jones & Russell Watson Team Up for an Album of Hymns & Inspirational Songs

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Having moved in the same circles for nearly 20 years, becoming firm friends, Aled Jones approached Russell Watson to collaborate on his next big project. The resulting album In Harmony features well-loved hymns, arias and inspirational songs, ranging from "Ave Maria" to "How Great thou Art."

Internationally renowned composer Sir Karl Jenkins wrote Bright Horizons for the duo, while the first single, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Here's To The Heroes," is a timely tribute to mark both the centenary of the end of the First World War and the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service.

Jones says: "We loved the idea of honouring service men and women through our music, as well as our everyday heroes such as doctors and nurses."

Watson says of the album: "What I particularly like is the way that it is not just a collaboration as such where I sing a verse, Aled sings a verse and everybody joins in on the chorus. It's been really cleverly written and arranged so that our voices blend really well."

Jones adds: "This album has created a real excitement for me, singing songs I don't normally perform on my own. Recording Volare with Russell was a hoot.

01 - How Great Thou Art
02 - Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Here's To The Heroes (Medley)
03 - Cinema Paradiso
04 - May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
05 - Ave Maria
06 - Where Should This Music Be (Nimrod)
07 - A Hymn Medley
08 - You Raise Me Up
09 - Mattinata
10 - In Christ Alone
11 - Bright Horizons
12 - Cilfan Y Coed
13 - Volare
14 - Silent Night

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