The Wisecarvers on the Passion & the Making of "Silhouette"


With their upcoming release, SilhouetteThe Wisecarvers are stating who they are and how they want to be seen - as the likeness of Jesus. When someone sees silhouettes, they can see there's a person, but not who it is. This talented family wants you to shift your focus from them to see Jesus through their ministry. 

Celebrating over a decade in ministry, Dove Award nominated group, The Wisecarvers, are steadily becoming known as one of Christian music's most dynamic groups. What started as singing a few songs at family reunions and local churches has now blossomed into a worldwide ministry, reaching not only the United States, but into Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Netherlands.

This tight knit family has released a steady stream of chart topping singles, including originally penned songs "Just To Save Me," "Turn Back Time," "I Need You," "Falling In Place", "Plain And Simple", and Singing News Top 10 radio hits "Don't You Think You Ought To Worship Me" and "It Was Jesus!"  

Silhouette will be released September 28 on Skyland Records. Pre-order it HERE

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on your new album "Silhouette." Why did you entitle it "Silhouette"?

A: Thank you so much! When we first started writing the song "Silhouette" we didn't know that it would end up being the title cut! But, when you really look at the words, the message in this song, the lyrics fit the days we are living in so well. As a group and as individuals, we just simply want to step aside so that the world doesn't even see who we are, they just see Jesus!

Q: When and how was this album conceived?

A: The whole process for this album, between writing, arranging, recording, probably took well over a year. As we began writing these songs, some were new and some we finished up that we had started in the past, but it seemed like God had allowed us to come to a place in our lives where we really started to understand the words He was giving us. Most of these songs came from areas the Lord was dealing with us in our own lives and, as it turns out, areas that He was going to be dealing with us as well! Since we've done this recording it seems the Lord has really asked us to live out what we've sung and that makes these songs even more special to us all.

Q: As a family you have written all the songs, save for one. Was this your intent right from the start, to write your own songs?

A: When we did our first album back about 10 years ago, we didn't necessarily set out to write our own songs, but it just kind of happened. Each time the opportunity to record would come up again, it seemed we'd have more songs than the last time. So, naturally, it just felt right to share what was on our hearts.

Q: Does songwriting come easy for you? What inspires you to write?

A: We wouldn't say it comes easy, sometimes it can be a lengthy process. A line here, a line there, everyone coming together to try to finish up with the words that seem to get the message across the best. Then, there are times the Lord allows you to complete a song within 30 minutes or an hour and you're just amazed at how fast He gave you the words! Our biggest inspirations definitely come from what God has put in our hearts at the time. Whether it's a situation we've been worried about that He's spoken peace to us over, or something He's dealing with us on that we need to change, or when He has given us a burden for someone else and we want to encourage them - God can really use anything to nudge your heart towards what He wants you to convey.

Q: What was the most difficult song on the new album to write? And why?

A: Oh wow! That's a hard question! There were several songs that we felt had very strong messages and we knew what we WANTED to say, but figuring out how to say it and actually sound poetic can be difficult! Probably couldn't narrow it down to one, but just trying to get each message across in the most effective way is something we always work hard on.

Q: Having not heard the album myself, talk to us on a couple of songs you are really excited about now? And why?

A: We've always said that this album is different. The songs are somewhat "heavy," not in the sense of sad or gloomy, but they're songs about real issues, real battles that we face. When we first began to sing them in different venues and see the way people responded to them, we were amazed at what God was doing. The very first song on the new project has become a concert opener for us as well! "Begin With You" is a fun but challenging song that encourages folks to, as the lyric says, "Praise the Lord like we'll never get the chance again!" We never know when it could be our last opportunity to worship God and we want to make sure we give Him 100 percent.

Chase has the lead on a song called "Best of Forever" that we have all loved from the very beginning. When you stop to realize that, in ourselves, we deserve the very worst that hell has to offer. None of us deserve mercy or grace. But, God in HIS mercy and grace offers us the very best that Heaven has to offer, simply because He loves us! That has been such a blessing to share with folks in concert.

Another one that has a special place in our heart is called "Go Down Again" which features Kaila and comes from the story of Namaan going down into the water seven times. On the first six times, surely he had to wonder if the answer was really coming, if his healing really was on the way. Even though there were no signs that it was, because of what God had told him to do he continued to go down until He saw the results of the promise God had made to him. That's what we have to do in our own lives, continue to knock on the door of Heaven, trusting the whole time that God will be faithful.

Of course there's several songs on the album that are just plain fun to sing! "Silhouette" and "Love You Still" are more upbeat songs that allow you to enjoy yourself and sing your heart out When we got in the studio with all of the amazing folks from Crossroads Music - as if we weren't excited enough already - hearing them put the finishing touches on the songs and arrangements had us beside ourselves! We would listen to just the rough tracks over and over again because we loved them so much! They did an amazing job on this album.

Q: Of all the hymns, why did you choose "Amazing Grace"?

A: We've done "Amazing Grace" live for years but were finally able to get it onto a recording! It's become a special moment in concert, and we wanted to capture that! Dustin sings lead and plays harmonica on the majority of the song but you also get to hear most of the family with special lines from dad, Vince and mom,

Tammy Wisecarver. Chase's little boy, Jake, does a small cameo at the end with a sweet, "Come on, D!" We say that's the best part of the whole album!

Q: Over the making of this new record, how has your faith been stretched and grown?

A: Every album demands a lot of faith because as you begin the process you realize more and more that we cannot do this in ourselves. We can't write the songs, arrange them, sing them - we can't do anything without the touch of God's hand in and on our lives. Usually the albums are every two years or so, which means you have one chance, just every two years, to release songs that could be life changing to the listener. It's a heavy responsibility and a choice that we desire God to lead us in!


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