Jesse Pruett Speaks of How His New Album is a "Piece of Love for Jesus"

Jesse Pruett

Worship leader, recording artist, composer, actor, and producer Jesse Pruett has released his latest worship project, The Journey. The independent project is available on online retailers, including Amazon and iTunes.

The 11-song album includes such original songs as "Come to the Throne," "Praise to You," "At the Cross," and "Light the Way," in addition to Pruett's interpretation of such beloved classics as "I Saw the Light," and "This Little Light of Mine." 

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Q:  Jesse, thanks for doing this interview with us.  I believe a few of your songs have been recently featured in movies.  What are some of these movies?  

Thank you for having me; I appreciate it! Yes, I have had songs in a variety of different kinds of visual entertainment, including animated films such as Wings (Hilary Duff, Rob Schneider, Jesse McCartney), Air Bound (Justine Ezerik, Nash Grier), and Frog Kingdom (Bella Thorne, Drake Bell); live action feature films like The Prince (Bruce Willis, John Cusack), Pups United (Rob Schneider, Ashley Bornancin), and House of the Rising Sun (Dave Bautista, Danny Trejo); and TV shows like The Hills (Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag), Smallville (John Schneider, Tom Welling), and The 4400 (Jacqueline McKenzie, Joel Gretsch), among others.

Q:  Not only did you get to sing on these movies, but you also have some acting roles too. Tell us more about these roles.

Getting to act in films in addition to creating music for them is such an incredible opportunity, and it has been a great experience. Doing voice acting is a completely different kind of experience. For example, in my first animated feature film, Wings, I played an airplane alongside Jesse McCartney. I watched the plane on a big screen while recording my lines. It was not only a great learning experience, but it was just a lot of fun! For me as a writer, an added benefit of being involved on the acting side of the camera was gaining a better understanding for the feel of the music needed in a scene.

I love that I get to play so many different kinds of characters. In The Prince (Bruce Willis, Jason Patrick, John Cusack, 50 Cent) I got to play a bad guy chasing Jason Patrick for my boss Bruce Willis. I got to shoot a gun all day while in a car, shoot out a window and crash into another car with a stunt driver. Then in General Education (Chris Sheffield, Maiara Walsh), I played a comedic role, and had the added bonus of also getting to create the score and soundtrack to that film with my friend T.J. Hill.

Every film is different and offers the opportunity to learn new things, which I love. The big thing is just being prepared, because the people on set are total pros. You have to up your game to keep up with them. Just watching the interaction between the actors and the crew, and how they work side by side to create, is amazing! It makes you want to do your best to help create an environment for success for everyone involved.   

Q:  How and when you first involved in acting?

I was licensing music and had the opportunity to play original music in a movie scene. After that I wanted to pursue acting and began working on getting roles in Los Angeles. I started landing some speaking roles and then became a part of the Actors Union SAG and have been working in film and animation since 2009.

Q:  Besides acting, you are also a worship leader, singer and songwriter.  Nevertheless, you didn't start with Christian music, how did you first find your calling to be a worship leader?

I first started playing and writing music at church in the youth group. After high school, my friends and I started a band, got signed and started touring. It wasn't until later that I realized I was ready to become a worship leader and work in ministry. God put it in my heart years ago, and I am grateful to get to be a part of the church and following his calling for my life. I love leading worship and praising God with the church body.

Q: Where are you currently serving? Tell us more about your ministry entailments?

I have been serving at a church called Calvary Baptist Church in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, for the last six years. It has been incredible to watch the growth and goodness from so many lives being changed by Jesus. My role is the Worship Pastor and I oversee the Worship Ministry. We currently have five services on Saturday and Sunday, and are getting ready to launch two more campuses early next year.

Q: You also have a new worship album out.  Tell us more about The Journey?

The Journey is my second worship album release. The songs from this album are speaking into what Jesus is doing, has done and where He is bringing me and my family next.

When writing these songs, my friend Joseph Pfiefer and I would talk through what God was doing in my life or my family and friends at the moment. I wanted to praise God through every part of life, every stage. The good, the messy and the in between. His love for us is so incredible and He never stops pouring it out on us. In one of the songs, I spoke about not wanting to miss another moment that He has for my life. God has so much to give, so much to show us and so much love to change us and draw us closer. When we make time daily to listen to God, speak to Him, praise Him, repent, rejoice, be grateful for all that He has done and is doing. That is when we can truly experience His goodness and presence in our life. It is a place where we can always rejoice, because He is with us.

This album is a piece of my love for Jesus. My hope is that these songs will live in other people's hearts as they have in mine.

Q:  What sets The Journey apart from the countless worship albums out there?

I think there is so much great worship out right now. It's inspiring to hear so many great songs giving God all the praise. Hopefully people find this album to be a great piece in their collection of songs that becomes a part of their daily worship to God. 

Q:  What projects are you involved in now, both in the acting and music front?

Currently, I am promoting the new worship album. I have three films coming out this year, some music getting picked up for a family movie to be released soon, and some acting projects on the horizon. I am also excited to go back to Japan next year for a mission trip and to lead worship. 




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