Anita Cochran Releases Inspirational New Single in the Midst of Fighting Cancer

Anita Cochran

Anita Cochran has just released her new video "Fight Like a Girl" in the midst of fighting cancer.  Cochran, known his his #1 country hit with Steve Wariner "What If I Said," was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in August of 2017. She began an aggressive treatment involving four different chemotherapy drugs. The side effects from that aggressive treatment regimen made it impossible for her to tour, which was her main source of income. 

Cochran shot the "Fight Like a Girl" video just two weeks after her last round of heavy chemo treatments. Cochran was actually very sick during the video shoot, but true to the spirit of the song, she fought through to do what she needed to do.

Cochran says she wanted the song to be about any kind of battle that life might bring, and in the video for "Fight Like a Girl" - which she also produced, as well as co-directed with T'Pou - she literally comes out swinging, decked out in boxing gear and taking to the ring. As she begins to sing the powerful chorus, Cochran throws back the hood of her jacket dramatically to reveal the hair loss that was one side effect from her treatments.

"Fight Like a Girl" is available for download and streaming through various digital services, and Cochran has been working on a new EP that she hopes to release during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. To contribute to her medical bills, visit her GoFund Me page


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