As I Lay Dying Frontman Tim Lambesis Reunites With Christian Group After Time in Prison

Tim Lambesis

Christian metalcore band As I Lay Dying's lead singer, Tim Lambesis, has reunited with the group after serving time in prison for plotting to kill his former wife and turning to atheism. The band has even posted a new music video on social media for a song billed "My Own Grave." 

The song's lyrics of regret may be about Lambesis specifically, but are general enough that they could be about anyone owning up to the consequences of past actions.

Witness such couplets from "My Own Grave" as: The lies, the weight, deceit, decay / The lies, the weight / It's clear I lost my way / Deceit, decay / Decomposing ... The deeper the walls the less anyone could hear fall / So now I know there is no one else to blame ... Buried alive inside of my own grave / And there's no one else to blame / Buried alive inside of my own grave / Inside of my own grave.

On May 16, 2014, Lambesis, 37, was sentenced to six years in prison for plotting to hire a hitman to murder his now ex-wife and mother of his three adopted children, Meggan Murphy.  Lambesis even claimed that he and other members of his band had become atheists but kept claiming to be Christians so they could keep making money selling records to Christians. 

Lambesis has publicly apologized to Murphy, extended family, friends and the people who worked with him for the damage his actions caused.

"Words cannot begin to express how deeply sorry I am for the hurt that I have caused. There is no defense for what I did, and I look back on the person I became with as much disdain as many of you likely do," he began in a statement he shared on Facebook last December.

"To my family, I apologize for the trauma you faced and may still feel. This is an ongoing sentence many of you serve because of me. I am so sorry to my friends who were betrayed by everything I hid from them and all the hardships I caused people who used to work with me. Band mates, road crew, managers, attorneys, agents, label people, and more all had to suffer through many unexpected changes because of my actions. While they were dealing with the aftermath of my arrest, I responded toward many of them with bitterness that I should have directed toward myself. I know that I can't undo the animosity I brought their way, but I hope to mend what I can now as time goes on," he said.

"To the people who looked up to me as an artist, I let you down in so many ways. I tried to show my best side to the public, while feeding an ugly growing monster behind closed doors. I wrote lyrics about the person I wanted to be rather than the person that I was. I was living a life that lacked empathy and viewed everything through a self-motivated lens."




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