God's Chosen Talks About Bridging Gospel and Christian Music with New Album

God's Chosen

God's Chosen is set to bridge the gap between contemporary Christian music and Gospel music with their upcoming self-titled album. Releasing on June 22, this will be the trio's first partnership with G. Favored Entertainment Group / DREAM Gospel.   

God's Chosen began their vocal training at each of their individual churches in St. Louis, Missouri. However, it was not until Zebrina Anderson, Nikeisha Whittier, and Sarah Benibo met in high school that their years of training proved to serve a greater purpose. 

In 2016, under the management of C-Note Entertainment, GC3 signed with G. Favored Entertainment in partnership with Dream Label Group and distribution through Capitol Christian. Now with all the right pieces in place, GC3 is poised to release their third album the summer of 2018.

This self-titled album successfully intertwines the impassioned worship of Christian Contemporary music with the grit of Gospel music. Influenced by artists like Hillsong United, Kari Jobe, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Jenn Johnson, Israel Houghton, Lauren Daigle, and Travis Greene, "God's Chosen" is filled with worship anthems and singable praise songs catering to both churches and individuals. GC3 hopes to bridge the gap between genres and provide a worship experience that truly reflects the fullness of God's Kingdom. 

Q:  Thank you ladies for doing this interview with us.  Who is God's Chosen?

From a global perspective, God's Chosen is all who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ!  But more specifically, we are God's Chosen.  Three girls who started a gospel group in high school because we were urged to do so by our choir teacher.  We've grown up to become women who are deeply in love with God, committed to ministry, and die-hard fans of Gospel and Christian music.

Q:  How did you come together as a group?

It all started in high school.  Our choir teacher, Mrs. Wilcock, would often group students together to sing in small ensembles for winter and spring concerts.  After singing as a group for different school programs she encouraged us to enter the gospel competition at Six Flags.  We couldn't see why not, so we entered into the competition using the name "God's Chosen" for the very first time.  After winning first place we decided to keep singing!   

Q:  I have read in your bio that you have a desire to bridge the distance between contemporary Christian music and Gospel music.  Why do you think this chasm exists?

Well, chasms exist in every industry.   This is because most people are attracted to what's familiar to them.  If you go to a homogeneous church, in a homogeneous neighborhood you will more than likely listen to homogeneous music.  Our hope, however, is to step outside of our silo and glean from cultures unlike our own, because in doing so we embody the fullness of the kingdom of God.  Thankfully, there are artists who have made great strides in accomplishing this; artists like Israel Houghton and Anthony Evans.  We want to build upon the great work they've already done, uniting the body of Christ under one banner and that's the name of Jesus.  

Q:  How do you try to bridge them together?

Bridging gaps require both sides to come toward each other.  So as gospel artists we extend an olive branch to Christian artists and begin with friendship.  We are authentically who we are while giving them permission to be authentically who they are.  In time we find that we have more in common than not and that's when the bridge takes shape.  

Q:  How is this reflected in your new album?

We first had to verbalize what we loved most about Christian and Gospel music.  We love the passionate worship of Christian music, where the lyrics sound and feel like poetry, in songs like "How He Loves" by David Crowder.  For gospel, we love the layers of sound and musical creativity, where no two takes are the same, in songs like "Victory" by Tye Tribbett.  When you combine the two you end up with a beautiful marriage, which is what we tried to accomplish on this album. 

Q:  Let's talk about your new album, what are you most excited about the new record?

Our lead single is called "Redeemed."  It's one of those songs that is a perfect combination of what we love about CCM and Gospel.  It's a song that the entire body of Christ can sing as one, "I am redeemed. I am redeemed by Your blood."  We are most excited about experiencing how that shared testimony will break chains, lift bowed heads, and bring the unsaved to Jesus. That's our goal for the whole album actually, to see the power of God at work in the people of God.  

Q:  In terms of producers and songwriters, who did you work with on this record?

Each of us are songwriters in our own right, but we wanted this album to be a collaborative effort.  So we partnered with CCM artist, John Strandell, who produced and co-wrote five of the ten songs.  We pulled in producer AyRon Lewis, who's worked with gospel greats, such as Kirk Franklin and James Fortune. And we included three songs that were recorded live in concert and produced by Levi "Too" King, someone we've worked with on both of our previous albums. 

Q:  Have you lead some of these songs in churches?  What were some of the responses?

 Yes! We have led "Redeemed," "Even in the Valley," "Grace Is Running," and all of the live songs ("Glory," "Let's Dance," and "Whatever It Takes").  The response has always been positive, and for that we're grateful!

Q:  One of my favorite songs on the album is "Grace is Running."  Describe a time in your life where you have experienced grace running towards you?

Oh wow that's a good question.  What immediately comes to mind are the accidents all three of us have survived.  Keisha had a car accident a few years ago where she had to crawl out of the window of her car!  Just recently, Zebrina's mattress caught on fire while she was asleep and thank God she woke up just in time to put the fire out.  About 15 years ago, I (Sarah) got hit by an 18 wheeler and walked away with only a swollen face, which was caused by the deployment of the air bag.  We are walking, talking, singing miracles and it's only by the grace of God!  It'll never run out! 


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