Listen to Down East Boys' Rendition of Little Big Town's "Beat Up Bible"

Down East Boys

The Down East Boys' latest single "Beat Up Bible" stirs emotion about family tradition and the importance of relying on God's word.

The quartet creates a rich, heartfelt sound in their rendition of the popular Little Big Town song. Released by Sonlite Records"Beat Up Bible" paints the picture of a "worn out and torn up" book used by generations to teach the value of prayer and unwavering trust in God.

"I can hear her saying,
Baby, when you're praying
Give Him all your worries, He'll give you all you need
When you're crying and you're hurting
And nothing else is working
All you've got to do is just believe
In this beat up Bible"

"This song takes me back to my grandparents and the Christian heritage they showed to me," says lead singer Ricky Carden. "Their Bibles are worn and tattered from the many hours spent studying the word. We need more beat up Bibles in our homes."

"Beat Up Bible" is the first single from the Down East Boys' upcoming album, One Day In The Past, to be released in August on Sonlite Records.

Stream or download "Beat Up Bible" HERE

About Down East Boys
For more than 30 years, the Down East Boys quartet has traveled from coast to coast, Canada and Mexico. Starting in eastern North Carolina the group chose the name from that region called Down East, but quickly expanded its ministry and has now recorded more than 20 projects and has had more than 40 songs reach the top of the Singing News charts. The Down East Boys features lead singer Ricky Carden, baritone singer Daryl Paschal, bass singer  Zac Barham and tenor singer Doug Pittman, who each bring a richness to the group's music and have been noted by industry leaders and singers as some of the best. The Down East Boys have been afforded many great accolades to their credit. From performing with many evangelists through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, singing at Southern Baptist State Conventions and Evangelism conferences all over the country, to all the awards and nominations and the hit songs, nothing changes the goal of this group and that is to share the gospel of Jesus unto all the world. 


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