Sandra McCracken Readies Us for Lent with the Release of "Songs From The Valley"

Sandra McCracken

On Ash Wednesday, February 14th, singer and songwriter Sandra McCracken will release a brand new EP "Songs from the Valley." The project is a collection of 7 narrative songs, produced by Cason Cooley and recorded carefully over a period of 3 years.  

These are songs of lament, shot through with light and hope.  This project will be offered as a limited edition vinyl and digital only; available on Ash Wednesday, February 14th with written pieces accompanying each song releasing throughout the season of Lent. 

McCracken writes: "These songs were written during the same season as the songs from my Psalms album. These are narrative songs, companions to David's comforting words but they are my own words. They are songs of friendship, sorrow and comfort, and they've helped me to find my voice.

It's my hope that these recordings will make space for meaningful questions. It's my hope that these songs will be shared from one friend to another, for comfort in times of need. There's no marketing agenda to promote, just a testimony of grace, received and given."

Track Listing:

  1. Fool's Gold
  2. Reciprocate
  3. Oh Gracious Light
  4. Love Of My Soul
  5. Kindness
  6. Parrot In Portugal
  7. Letting Go
  8. God's Highway (demo version)- BONUS TRACK

McCracken's prolific contributions as a songwriter, modern-day hymn writer and record producer has brought grace and clarity to her soulful, folk-gospel sound that carries influences of artists like Emmylou Harris and Norah Jones. Whether in a theater or in a chapel, she is a dynamic performer who blurs the lines of what church music sounds like, captivating and inviting audiences to sing along. While many of her songs like "We Will Feast In The House Of Zion" and "Thy Mercy My God" have settled into regular rotation in Christian worship services internationally, she has also had songs recorded by All Sons & Daughters, ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Audrey Assad, BiFrost Arts, Caedmon's Call and others. She is further a founding member of Indelible Grace Music and Rain For Roots (children's music) and has been a guest writer for Art House America, She Reads Truth, The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, RELEVANT Magazine and more. 

To purchase the album, click here.


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