Freedom Church Releases New Live Worship Album "Thunder. Reign."

Freedom Church

Every since the release of their irresistible multi-million streamed album Uncharted release by Freedom Church, people have wanted more.  DREAM Worship is pleased to announce the release of their next musical masterpiece.  An 11 track holy spirit filled album titled, Thunder. Reign.  

"We're super excited for the release of 'Thunder. Reign.' says Worship pastor, Dave Thomas.  "We've captured the sound of our church at a unique time and season. We believe the songs are going to impact people and we can't wait for you to hear it"

Starting in 2005, Freedom Church has grown from a small gathering of people in a small market town in England, to having locations all around the world. Freedom Church is one church, in many locations. These locations include: Hereford, Worcester, Cardiff, Bruges in Belgium, Kampala in Uganda, Siem Reap in Cambodia.

Check out their track "My Victory":

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 3.56.30 PM

Track listing:

1. Thunder. Reign. (Live)
2. Love Rain Down (Live)
3. Opportunity (Live)
4. Anyone Anywhere (Live)
5. Stronger (Live)
6. Leave the Boat Behind (Live)
7. My Victory (Live)
8. Work of Art (Live)
9. Because of the Cross (Live)
10. Same God (Live)
11. Streams In the Wasteland (Live) 

For more information about Freedom Church go to: Freedomchurch.ccTwitter,Instagram and Facebook.


At 21, Pastor Gary Snowzell felt God calling him to step out and pioneer church in his home town. Nearly 30 years, 5 sons and 9 locations later, God is continuing to bless the ministry of Freedom Church.

The first 15 years showed steady growth and things were the best they'd ever been. Yet God challenged Pastor Gary to believe for even more, calling the church to a regional vision which grew to a national, and later, international vision.

As the church grew with this audacious vision, a new, raw, innovative and passionate sound began to emerge from within it.

Freedom released its first EP in 2009 (Courage and Fire), followed by its first live record (Everything Changes) in 2013. Eager to give voice to all that God is doing within Freedom, their unique sound continues to develop.

In 2015 God spoke to the leadership of Freedom Church about heading into an "Uncharted" season. "The unknown" and "the untraveled" always reveal who we really are. When we meet Jesus amongst the waves, faith is tested and character is forged. Freedom's latest project, Uncharted, is an invitation to journey out into the unknown, to fight for faith, to surrender every fear, and to walk empowered into the fullness of God's calling.

Their new album Thunder. Reign. is now available.



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