Tim Malchak Goes a Different Circle: From Country Music to Singing the Lord's Praises

Tim Malchak

Former country music singer Tim Malchak has released his brand new Christian album "Morning Hour of Praise." Produced by Eric Horner and recorded in the beautiful hills of Brentwood TN, just outside of Nashville. The new record features nine new songs written by Tim and his wife Leslie and one medley of traditional Hymns sure to please every listener. 

A veteran of over forty years in the music business. Singer/Songwriter Tim Malchak has persevered through many victories and failures. Many of those experiences shine through in his music. Tim has recorded seven secular and eleven Christian CD's. He was an international and award winning recording artist in Nashville during the eighties.

Tim first came to be known in the music industry during that time with a string of top 40 hit singles in Billboard's Country Music Charts. Songs like his self-penned "Colorado Moon" and "Restless Angel" helped to establish him as a gifted and influential singer/songwriter. Later, in 1987 he was honored once again by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top Ten New Country Artists of that year. All while on an independent record label, Alpine Records.

In 1988 he signed a major label record deal with MCA/Universal Records and in May of 1989 his critically acclaimed album "Different Circles" was released. During that time he shared the stage with a veritable Who's Who of country artists of that decade. People like Vince Gill, Alison Krause, Kenny Rogers, Emmylou Harris, Barbara Mandrell, Willie Nelson, and the list goes on. In 1993 Tim appeared on Farm Aid VI in Ames, Iowa which was viewed by over 200 million viewers on TNN.

Q:  Tim, thank you for doing this interview with us.  Back in the late 80s, you had a successful career in country music.  What were some of the highlights for you?

A: I think one of the biggest things that I recall is the excitement of being the first independent artist to crack the top 40 in in many years on the Billboard country charts in 1987 with "Colorado Moon". That was followed by three more singles to chart in the top 40.

Q:  You were signed to Universal Records where you released "Different Circles," which featured James Stroud (Tim McGraw, Toby Keith) as one of your producers.  Were you happy with "Different Circles" and how the album came together?

A: I was extremely proud of the work we did on "Different Circles". It was a real joy to work with James Stroud and, Johnny Rutenschroer, who was the driving force behind Alpine Records. Different Circles was actually born out of an album called "American Man" that we were set to release on Alpine when I got signed to Universal. We kept 5 of the tracks from that album and recorded 5 more and that ended up being "Different Circles."

Q:  What happened after "Different Circles"? 

A: The first 2 singles they released did not do as well in the charts, for a myriad of reasons. So it was mutually agreed that the deal be terminated. The harsh reality of the music business

Q:  How then did you come to know Christ and started recording Christian albums?

A: Life is full of choices. As part of my testimony I talk about a battle with drug addiction, mostly cocaine, that I had for 26 years. I am now 23 years drug free! I'm sure that I made many bad choices as a result of that. In 1995 I got clean and that's when God started to put some strong people of faith in my life. Suddenly I realized my need for a Savior and my eternal destiny became very important to me. On July 22, 1999 I confessed my sins to God and trusted in Jesus Christ alone as my Savior. Its been a passion to serve Him ever since.

Q:  Are you still involved in country music?  Or is your focus now on solely Christian music?

A: As a recording artist my focus is on Christian music but I still do some secular/country/Americana type shows on occasion.

Q:  You have just released a brand new Christian release "Morning Hour of Praise." I believe you and wife co-wrote 9 out of the 10 songs, did songwriting come easy for you?  What was your most memorable experience in crafting this album?

A: My wife Leslie co-wrote 4 of the songs and a good friend of mine, James Burns ,co-wrote the title song with me. Leslie and I work well together when we are writing a lyric. The ideas seem to come very naturally when we're in the zone, so-to-speak. When James sent me the original lyric of "Morning Hour of Praise", I knew it was special. It speaks of that sweet, still quiet time we have in the morning when its just us and God. Drinking in His word and experiencing the Holy Spirit in an intimate and holy time of praise.

Q:  If you have the opportunity to pick 2 songs out of the new record that means a lot to you, which would they be? And why? 

A: I think "By My Side" purely because it is a musical departure from my normal style of writing. And "Armor" mostly because of the impact I have seen it have on people's lives. I just give all the glory to God for that.

Q:  In one of your new songs, "Undying Love," you sing about how Christ's love doesn't change despite our circumstances.  Has there been an incident in your life where you felt Christ's undying love?

A: I think the love of Christ is something I experience every day. When I get to use the gifts He has given me ,not only to glorify Him but to bless and touch other people's lives. When I wake up every day next to the woman I know God has chosen for me. When I see my children grown and doing well and when I can look into my grandchildren's eyes. Yes I feel His "Undying Love" every day!



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