Megan Hurst Releases Her Most Personal Album "Saved"

Megan Hurst

Singer and songwriter Megan Hurst has released her debut album simply entitled "Saved."  Featuring 10 newly recorded songs, the album came out of her own walk with the Lord.  "Saved," which features songs such as "Daughter of the King,""Do Not Be Araid," and the title cut, are all stories of the singer's personal testimonies. 

She writes: "My album "Saved" was inspired by experiences and by other's lives around me. I can remember where each song was formed and how God whispered lyrics to my heart. I wanted these songs to inspire Christians to stand strong in their faith with Jesus Christ and to also have joy in their salvation. I have cried with these songs as I remember the situations that brought them to life, but I have also laughed, grown stronger and even danced! When we are happy in God, we are stronger.

"The joy of the Lord is my strength" - Nehemiah 8:10

My prayer for this album is that it lands in the hands of someone who needs some uplifting music to get them through whatever trial they may be facing. I pray that people will be turned back to God, and He will shine through their lives."

Song List:

1. Do Not Be Afraid
2. Saved
3. Forgiven
4. Daughter of the King
5. Bring It On
6. Love Is an Open Door
7. Jesus Wants to Hold You
8. Fighter
9. To Change America
10. Still Praise You

The album is available online here:

CDBaby (Downloads. CDs coming soon!)
iTunes (Downloads)
Amazon (Downloads)
Google Play (Downloads)
Spotify (Streaming)
Apple Music (Streaming)




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