Robin Covington Discusses the Joy of Worship Behind Her New Record

Robin Covington

Fans of Robin Covington now have reason to rejoice as Covington has new music from her long awaited solo project hitting radio and digital outlets. Covington has been singing since her youth and is a founding member of Ricky Dillard's New Generation Chorale is widely recognized for her passionate interpretation of Through It All.  Ricky Dillard and New G did a special reprise of the song on their 2015 Grammy nominated and multiple Stellar Award winning 25-year anniversary disc Amazing.  

The new 3 song disc features an interpretation of "How He Loves Us" as well as 2 new songs.  Covington is both vocal and passionate about the song that is headed to radio, Thank You Lord for Keeping Me.  Covington was afforded the opportunity to introduce her new music recently during Sunday Worship at her home church, Chicago's New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church.  

Q:  Thank you Robin for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new EP.  I believe you underwent some hurdles that had delayed this new record.  What were some of the obstacles you faced?

First,  let me say thank you for the interview.  I don't want to give the devil any credit, but I will say this, we all face the time of test and trials, no storm, no victory.  Sometimes it seems that the hardest part comes when victory is in view.  I really believe God allowed me to live the words of the songs I have sung.  I had to constantly remind myself that delayed does not mean denied.  It was a time for me to take the focus off the problems and place the focus on God's promises.  What an assurance when you KNOW there is comfort in God's word.  I learned to speak life and victory in the midst of circumstances.  God's word said fear not because the Lord is always with me, I have Him to lead and guide me,  I am more than a conqueror, I can do all things as He gives me strength and to be still and know that He is God.  Those promises carried me and got me here.  To God be ALL the glory.

Q:  Why are you excited about this new record?

This is a dream fulfilled.  I am really excited and filled with joy.  Lots of people have heard me with New G, but this project give me a little room to stretch out and do some other things musically.  As we delight ourselves in the Lord, God will give you the desires of your heart if you trust him.  My Grandmother would say, He may not come when you want him, but he's always on time.

Q:  Who are some of the people you worked with on this new EP?

Oh wow, there was a whole crowd of witnesses (smile) all orchestrated and coordinated by Pharis Evans, Jr. and Maulty Jewell IV. I am grateful for every singer and musician and songwriter that contributed to the project. 

Q:  You have offered an exciting rendition of "How He Loves Us," why did you choose to record this song?

How He Loves Us is one of my all time favorite songs.  This was extra special to me because I recorded this song with New G. Its nice to go back and pull the dust off every now and again.  I also feel there is a definite need for choir music (especially for soprano lead singers).  It was the right song to do.Q:  Tell us more about the other two new songs?

I heard When With You and fell in love immediately.  Its such a fun song and it was something out of my norm, so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to record it.  Its a ride in the car with the music turned up type song (smile).  The song is my chance to express love and appreciation to God.  Derrick Hearne does an excellent job with the bass, so the song has a great groove and a powerful message.  

Thank You Lord For Keeping Me is my testimony.  Its Sunday morning music.  When we take inventory of the many things that God has done for us and continues to do for us, we  can't thank God enough. He shows us new mercies every morning and keeps us from hurt, harm and dangers seen and unseen, the Lord watches over us.  He is a keeper and he's good at it (THE BEST). Can you imagine, Jesus could have left us anything but he gave us HIS peace and a promise that He will keep us in perfect peace as we keep our minds stayed on Him. 

Q: Being a founding member and having worked with Ricky Dillard and the New G all this time, what are some of the greatest blessings you have had experienced?

I've truly been blessed to sing all over the country as a member of New G and to share stages with some of God's greatest singers on this side of heaven.  I am always blessed by the testimonies of the faithful who tell us how the songs reached and encouraged them while they were going through, I get the most joy when we do our community outreach, the New G Christmas coat drive provides winter coats for the children in the neighborhood that RIcky and I grew up in.  To see the joy on those kids faces is priceless.

Q:  I believe you have recorded your new songs with the worship of the church in mind.  What are some of the songs you love to include in your worship song set on Sundays?

I love to worship.  We need music in the church to help people where they are, songs to encourage and uplift people.  I have a few songs that are my standards like There's a Story Behind My Praise, I Never Lost My Praise and then I love Alpha and Omega, You Are My Strength (like no other), Our God, There's No One Like You; those songs bring us to the place of worship

Q:  Has your understanding of worship changed over the years?  What is worship to you?

Oh yes, I am sure that the more we come into God's presence the more we get to know God and God gets to show us ourselves.  I believe that worship is the water source for the people.  As the body needs water to live, we have a definite need to worship God, we need the communion and fellowship and time with Jesus.  Worship also  changes our perspective.  We tend to believe we have to sing the right songs to connect with the audience, but we have to realize God IS the audience.  Our objective and ultimate goal is that He would be pleased with our worship. 


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