Torey D'Shaun Releases New Song about Wisdom, "Chopsticks"

Torey D'Shaun

Indie Christian rapper Torey D'Shaun releases his new single today, Chopsticks.

He shares, "Chopsticks is a song about Wisdom. I was inspired to write this song while watching a couple of my favorite Kung Fu movies. They have always had an influence on me from a young age-The Last Dragon, Surf Ninjas and Karate Kid, in particular."

Torey continues, "I recently completed reading Proverbs and it hit me. Wisdom is given by God and if not, it's non-existent. I started to relate it back to a Master who is full of wisdom that has a student who is zealous, but full of foolishness. I would picture the master telling his student "Patience Young Grasshopper." Wisdom is only learned from the Master through test, trial, study, and discipline. When writing this, I felt two lessons were essential on the path to being a wise person: be slow to speak and quick to listen, and secondly, obey the simple things first-like how to use Chopsticks. Ninjas move in Silence."

Audio: Torey D'Shaun "Chopsticks"

Chopsticks is available now at all download & streaming outlets.

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