Prazor Connects with Christian Music Fans and Artists at Creation Festivals


Over 3,000 music fans discovered and downloaded the PRAZOR app for the first time during the annual Creation Festivals.  Featuring over 80 channels of curated music in nearly every imaginable genre, PRAZOR is the exclusive music platform to hear favorite songs, discover the next generation of artists and reconnect with groundbreaking musicians that helped establish all forms of positive Christian music. PRAZOR is available to stream or download free of charge, and is supported by donations from generous listeners.  

"Creation Festivals was the perfect first place for PRAZOR to create a partnership. The festivals support a wide variety of musical genres, so they attract a unique blend of demographics of music lovers.  It was great to be able to connect with both fans and artists," said Jim Epperlein, VP of Music Programming. 

While the festival may be complete for 2017, PRAZOR's "Creation Station" will continue to stream the artists who performed at both festivals. With all styles of music featured at the festival, Creation Station will be a great way for fans to continue their Creation experience, long after the festival has passed.  

"We hope the Creation Station will keep the festival alive with both those who attended the event, and those who were unable to participate. Creation brings together an incredible community, and we hope the channel can serve to remind people of God's great love, and continue to be a 'Tribute to our Creator'," added Epperlein. 

At the Creation Northeast Event, PRAZOR was also the host of "PRAZOR's Late Night Dance Party," an annual event for fans of dance, hip hop and techno music. This year, the event featured The Millennial Tour. PRAZOR is one of the few Christian music platforms with a robust catalog, supporting hundreds of artists in these genres. 

"We have returned to the PRAZOR office, more excited than ever about how Christian music can change lives. We are excited to get to know our new Creation listeners, and are already looking forward to 2018," said Thomas Kenny, Director of Music Programming. PRAZOR's app is available for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for anyone looking for a unique positive listening experience. Using state of the art technology and a team of seasoned radio veterans, PRAZOR offers more than 80 individually curated music streams of various genres, such as pop, rock, worship, inspirational, urban, and southern gospel. These genres are then subcategorized to include unique streams such as decades, classic alternative, generation Z, bluegrass, reggae, inspirational gospel and more. Instead of a subscription or ad-based model, PRAZOR is fueled by donations from listeners. Music fans may simply download the app and begin listening. 

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